Establishment Republicans Betray America … Again!

Establishment Republicans Betray America … Again!
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Paul Ryan Clown

Speaker Paul Ryan is a Clown to be Replaced

Mitch McConnell Clown

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell is a clown to be replaced

Paul Ryan, House Speaker and Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader is leading the GOPe Congress again in their betrayal of America. Not the first time; they did this under Obama as well. Republicans lost their principles, lack leadership and always have. They are undocumented democrats disguised as Republicans.

We have been lied to and deceived by them since we gave them the majority in Congress back in the Clinton days when Newt Gingrich was House Speaker from 1995-1999. He was the only true leader in Congress the Republicans ever had, and the GOPe joined with democrats in forcing him to resign. We’ve not seen another true Republican leader since.

The media pulled the same crap with Gingrich they are doing with President Trump. Trump will survive though Gingrich did not. If America is to have any hope in her restoration to greatness, both Ryan and McConnell must be removed from leadership. Republicans have never had good leadership as the majority party in the Senate at least since the 1950s.

They failed in the House then scraped together a crappy Paul Ryan authored RINOcare plan that is horrible. The Senate put forth their version of RINOcare that is even worse! They put hundreds of $Billions into a RINOcare bill that does NOT REPEAL Obamacare; has a $200 Billion insurance company bailout; and codifies and expands many aspects of Obamacare.

The Senate bill funds the insurance company subsidies the democrats neglected to fund! Huh? What the heck is going on here? The GOPe and democrats have started a new ‘demopublican’ party for both have morphed into one. This is more big government, big spending, big deficits, government control and loss of liberty. This is worse than Obamacare!

Senator Rand Paul is livid with this bill and I don’t blame him one bit. This is another betrayal in a long line of betrayals by the republicans. Just submit a total REPEAL BILL as a standalone bill that President Trump can sign. If there are provisions that need to be addressed, then have separate bills for those provisions that reform and IMPROVE healthcare. This should not be about insurance but healthcare.

Government does not belong in the insurance business and it certainly does not belong in the healthcare business for both are unconstitutional. Remember that document that you’ve been shredding over the years … yeah that one, the US Constitution. Read it and abide by it please.

Christopher A Wray

Christopher Wray nominated as next FBI Director

The Senate still has confirmations it needs to address like that of Chris Wray as FBI Director. The delusional democrats are already beating the Russia collusion insanity with Chris Wray saying his law firm has ties to Russia? This is out-of-control because there is a mountain of Russian collusion with Hillary and Bill Clinton where $Millions of dollars have been transacted; John Podesta has business and financial dealing with Russia through the Joule with Russia investing $Millions and offering stock to Podesta never disclosed.

Even our special counsel Mueller has ties to Russia and Hillary Clinton when he acted a courier to deliver the stolen plutonium to Russian agents in Moscow that he personally delivered. Yes, let’s have him investigate the non-existent Russian collusion with Trump while the real foreign collusion is with democrats.

There is factual evidence that Ukraine interfered with the 2016 election with the Clinton campaign but that’s OK because it’s not Russia, says CNN host Chris Cuomo. My goodness my head is ready to explode with this corruption and illegalities coming from the swamp with the false Russia collusion story. There is simply nothing here … never was … never will be.

Hey never Trump conspirators, you can continue to ignore reality but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. Reality is your myth of Russian collusion is one aspect of your coup d’état to overthrow this government. Media and others are committing acts of sedition and treason and charges may be pending.

You also ignore the massive and factual collusion with Russia and other foreign governments to sway the 2016 election being by the criminal far-left democrats. Your fall is coming soon and it will be a great fall indeed! Let’s look at the Donald Trump Jr email issue from a legal perspective.

The legal perspective may be summed up with two words … MINDLESS NOTHING! CNN, NYT and the other fake news media must go back to the old reliable Russian narrative to help with ratings and circulation for they are in a death spiral. Is the GOPe part of this false Russian narrative? Yes they are. John McCain is up to his eyeballs in this for in many ways he’s ground zero with the false ‘golden showers’ document which may be criminal.

Here’s the crux of all this. Donald Trump is winning with his two magnificent overseas tours. He looks as though he will be establishing peace with Russia, and for the globalists and neocons that is the last thing they want. But the number one reason they must depose of President Trump is his brilliant orchestration of rounding up the elites pedophiles and breaking up the human and child sex trafficking cartels operating worldwide and in DC.

President Trump is impetus behind the arrests of high level priests, bishops and cardinals at the Vatican. The Vatican cartel is busted and that opened up international floodgates to bring the entire cartel down. Joachim Meisner, a conservative cardinal with inside knowledge of the pedophilia and sexual exploits, drug use and satanic blood rituals was found dead shortly after charges were brought against cardinal George Pell, the № 3 man at the Vatican.

Cardinal Meisner would have been a key witness had he not been mysteriously found dead. Also Cardinal Meisner is challenging (dubia) recent theological changes made by the Pope concerning marriage, divorce and remarriage. In fact the Pope has embraced ‘Liberation Theology’ which is the false religion of the globalists and totalitarian regimes.

No cause of death was disclosed on any of the reports for Cardinal Meisner. We should expect more fatalities due to ‘accidents, suicides and natural causes’ as the Trump pedophile noose begins to tighten and he continues to defeat the globalist ideology at every turn.

Prayer - TrumpThis pedophile investigation will take down many heads of state and industry leaders worldwide that include many household names. The next major targets include Brussels, London and DC which could take down up to one-half of the US government, industry and media leaders.

Does the fanatical and often desperate frenzy to ‘Get Trump’ make a little more sense now? You don’t make many friends with the swamp creatures when you start draining their vile habitat. President Trump stands tall as he ventures deep into the swamp surrounded by the creatures he has sworn to take down.

A perilous task that some have tried before him and failed. Some forfeited their life. Another was shot but lived. The creatures get their power from the darkness and the swamp and will not relinquish without a fight to the death. Many Evangelical ministers came to the Oval Office on Monday July 10 to offer prayer for Divine intervention and protection for our President.

Many have no clue with whom we battle and would not believe it if told. Others do and fearlessly walk into the darkness without fear. God be with you President Donald J Trump for you are appointed for such a time and purpose as this.


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