Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Proof of Life; Proof of Cognizance

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Proof of Life; Proof of Cognizance
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The status of Ruth Bader Ginsburg has of late garnered serious consideration concerning her health status. Based up a recent contact to the Supreme Court of the United States we have grave concerns.

We initially contacted SCOTUS as an individual seeking an update on her health status. We were treated very rudely with the receptionist who took our call challenging us if we had called earlier that day. It appears we are not the only ones concerned about this issue.

When we said no, this is our first time calling to inquire on her status, she appeared indignant, clearly doubting our claim. Red Flag #1. The receptionist then offered us a prepared statement, “Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is recovering from surgery and is working from home.”

When pressed further the receptionist clearly became angry because we indicated an appropriate ‘proof of life’ as a reasonable request and if alive ‘proof of cognizance.’ This angered the receptionist even more. Red Flag #2. In her frustration she transferred us to public information.

We did not fare any better with public information receiving the same prepared response and a blatant refusal to offer anything further. Red Flag #3.

We believe it is reasonable and appropriate for SCOTUS to provide some evidence of proof of Life and if alive, proof of cognizance. It should be a concern to every American that Supreme Court Clerks for Ruth Bader Ginsburg are not ‘standing-in’ and performing the duties and rendering opinions that only an Associate Justice is authorized to perform.

Needless to say this interaction with the Supreme Court’s rudeness and clandestine demeanor left us quite skeptical and inquisitive especially in this highly charged political environment. We therefore decided to call them back, but this time present ourselves as NewsHawk Network on a live call as part of our daily show. Here’s our call to SCOTUS.

This call became Red Flag #4. When the public information department knew they were on a recorded line, they refused to offer any information or acknowledge their prepared statement. Could it be they did not want to be on the record line issuing a lie?

A politicized SCOTUS is even worse that the weaponized federal agencies that are undermining this administration of President Donald J Trump with their active coup d’état spearheaded by “Special Counsel’ Robert Mueller, the FBI and the DOJ.

At the heart of this coup is the ‘dirty dossier’ which in truth is a political hit piece paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign, the DNC and other foreign entities. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) is smack in the center of this coup d’état and frankly implicit and not merely victims of it like the propaganda media pundits would have us believe.

When one considers that all FISC judges are hand picked and appointed by Chief Justice John Roberts without any confirmation, oversight and operate as a secretive body, questions arise. Chief Justice John Roberts has become
publicly political with his statements directed toward President Trump. Unacceptable at every conceivable level.

Will the Supreme Court go so far as to not disclose the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg to prevent President Donald Trump his third Supreme Court nominee in his first term? This thought is normally unconscionable in a normal political environment. However, with an active coup d’état raging in America to depose President Donald J Trump, this hardly qualifies as a normal political environment.

While covering up a death of an Associate Justice for political reasons is near impossible for most of us to wrap our heads around; concealing the lack of cognitive functions for a frail 86 year old women who has undergone fractured ribs, cancer treatment and surgery is not beyond the pale.

One thing is for certain, we need a camera crew to pay Ruth Bader Ginsburg a visit at her ‘home-office’ where she is alleged to be working. This is not an invasion of privacy for her home ‘office’ is where she in now conducting the people’s business and that gives us right-of-access. A visit like this may indeed be coming soon.

In the mean time every American should be calling the Supreme Court and writing their Congressman and Senators demanding that Proof of Life and Proof of Cognizance is made available to the American people. Phone calls rarely connect you to congressional staffers so I suggest emailing them your concerns about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. You may want to include this link in your email message. Below are contact information for SCOTUS and Congress.

Call SCOTUS 202-479-3000


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