Felix Sater and Michael Cohen to Testify Before House Intelligence Cmte

Felix Sater and Michael Cohen to Testify Before House Intelligence Cmte
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This is a call to action for all patriot keyboard warriors to contact members of HPSCI: House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence for the upcoming public testimony of Michael Cohen and Felix Sater. Michael Cohen will be giving his testimony on March 6 and Felix Sater on March 14.

Not coincidentally March 14 is also the date that a judge ordered Russian oligarch lobbyist Christopher Steel’s deposition about his Clinton funded ‘fake dirty dossier’ be unsealed. Is this hearing the distraction?

Who else thinks its odd that Michael Cohen testified behind closed doors but Felix Sater’s testimony will be public? This smacks of an orchestrated PR political theater event to distract from the release of the Steele deposition. This hearing will also blow up in the coup conspirator’s faces assuming republicans have the courage to bring up the events and facts being disclosed in this article.

Keyboard Warrior Patriot’s Call to Action

Get your keyboards out truth warriors and get ready to lob a few information bombs to both demonrat and republican members of HPSCI. This is a copy and paste email, fax or letter operation. You do not need a fax machine to fax a document. Your document print function gives you a fax option. We provide the sample text and the contact information.

Here is a pdf doc (link below) that includes links and contact info on all the members of HPSCI. If faxing, send it to the democrat and republican staff and ask them to distribute to their members. You can email each member from their website under the contact link; or you can write them. Writing will cost you postage, paper and envelopes.

The democrats and establishment RINO (Republicans In Name Only) also referred to as GOPe, still believe that both Sater and Cohen represent a death knell to President Donald J Trump for “Russian Delusion of Collusion” but we patriots know better than that. The fascinating thing is everyone knows this was all part of the soft coup d’état spearheaded by the deep state operatives in the FBI, DOJ, Intelligence Community both foreign and domestic, the DNC, the Hillary Clinton campaign and the fake news propaganda media to take out Candidate, President-Elect and then President Trump.

The proper set of questions will expose all the coup conspirators so the delusional demonrats and RINO conspirators are taking a huge risk by having Felix Sater testify before HPSCI. Felix Sater is the linchpin to bring it all down.

The contact between Sater and Cohen will be valuable information, for sources reveal it was Sater who ‘roughed up’ Michael Cohen just prior to his first scheduled testimony to keep his mouth shut regarding Sater when he testifies.

Here is but a few tidbits on Felix Sater. The documented proofs for the items below can be found in the Thread Reader App in references. Let’s make sure that this and many other documents concerning Felix Sater and Michael Cohen see the light of day at their public hearings. Here’s is what you may copy-paste to HPSCI:

Dear HPSCI member ________:

When you interview Michael Cohen on March 6 and Felix Sater on March 14, you should be asking them about their ‘relationship’ and ‘every contact’ they had with each other before, during and after the President Donald J Trump election. Here are a few items you may find worthy of questioning Felix Sater about:

  • Sater’s 20 year indictment waived by Andrew Weissmann and later by Loretta Lynch when she was US Attorney for EDNY;
  • Sater is a US Intel Asset who worked for CIA and DIA for two plus decades;
  • Sater was a source for the FBI for over a decade and remains a “current” FBI source today;
  • Felix Sater cannot prove anything about collusion except for the following 2 items:
    • He was part of a set up and a sting op to frame Trump for non-existent Russian Collusion;
    • He was used to investigate Donald Trump for non-existent Russia Collusion;
  • Sater’s lawyer Robert Wolff is a close friend of David Kendall who:
    • Brokered Sater’s access to the CIA re: stinger missile recovery op in Afghanistan;
    • Was Bill Clinton’s lawyer during his impeachment;
    • Was Hillary Clinton’s lawyer during her email “investigation”

Author’s Note: You may need to unembed the links in the references section as part of your email, fax or letter. These References section should be included in your contact.


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