AIM Truth News Headlines for January 17, 2019

AIM Truth News Headlines for January 17, 2019

American Intelligence Media’s Truth news Headlines for January 17, 2019. The top story is Mueller is working with Russian hookers in Thailand to nail President Trump. Seems these coup d’état conspirators just can’t let go of the Russian nonsense because they can’t find any crimes to charge President Trump with.

The Gateway Pundit is reporting that Mueller breaks Russian hooker from jail after she says she has info on Trump-Russian collusion. It’s come to this? Really?

The Russian escort going by the name Nastya Rybka, which translated into English means nasty little fish, has received a suspended sentence after serving 9 months in in Thailand for time served. She and her group was arrested for conspiracy to provide sexual services to a group.

In a desperate attempt at freedom, Rybka offered ‘Russian collusion information’ on Donald Trump to the FBI in exchange for help getting out of prison. Really now? Have the demonrats and deep state conspirators not learned anything yet from the ‘Slutnick, Ford and Ramirez’ criminal trio of weaponizing false sexual accusations? Apparently not.

Criminal Trio of False Sexual Accusations

Zero Hedge is reporting that Federal Judge Lamberth orders Rhodes, Rice, Jacob Sullivan, and FBI intelligence official E.W. ‘Bill’ Priestap, the boss of Peter Strzok, must all respond to Hillary Clinton’s role in the terrorist slaughter of Americans stationed in Benghazi, Libya and the likely deliberate attempt to evade public record laws by using a private email server when serving as Secretary of State.

Trilogy of Criminal Terror

Seems like today all evil is coming in threes. here’s the third rancid story of today as reported by CBN News, ‘Daughters come home with mustaches, breasts removed’: Moms sound alarm over shocking new trend in our hallowed halls of student indoctrination. You know, those institutions we used to call colleges and universities.

It seems transgenderism is gripping young college girls and encouraging them to perform mastectomies and take male hormone shots to grow facial hair. This transmania dysphoria trend being peddled across liberal American indoctrination centers is yet another assault on American culture and Western Civilization for this perversion is worldwide. Time to wake up folks, we are at war!

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Article: ‘Daughters Come Home with Mustaches, Breasts Removed’: Moms Sound Alarm over Shocking New Trend

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