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Linda Sarsour: The Lyin’ Jihadist on FGM
0 comments, 18/07/2017, by in Islam

Linda Sarsour is exposed lying again, this time on Female Genital Mutilation. Lying is permissible under Islam for any active Jihad (struggle) mission. The Sarsour jihad is to advance the Islam conquest of her host nation, the United States of America through the imposition of Sharia law upon the la... Read more...

Mueller Offers Pal Comey Full Immunity!
0 comments, 14/07/2017, by in Government

Deep State ideologue Robert Mueller offers best friend James Comey full immunity. GOPe are standing behind special counselor Mueller in spite of his extreme impartiality which prima facie violates numerous special counsel regulations. This Russian investigation is in reality a Trump only investig... Read more...