Fire Undocumented Democrat RINO Saboteurs Ryan & McConnell

Fire Undocumented Democrat RINO Saboteurs Ryan & McConnell
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The GOPe are all undocumented democrats who are unable to lead or the most likely scenario: RINO Saboteurs against President Trump. If they only obstructed Obama like they do Trump, we’d not be in this pickle.

Totally disgusted with the zounderkite (idiot) republican GOPe. My traditional insults are no longer good enough with this group of fopdoodles (people of little significance) that I need to build my private thesaurus of insult words I can use as a political commentator and author.

Massachusetts republicans in the 1800s even have a word to describe those who will not support the nominee and the winner of the election … mugwump! I want to bring back these words into the 21st century vernacular. Plenty of opportunities to use them for sure.

Look you bunch of congressional zounderkites, REPEAL Obamacare! It is unconstitutional for the federal government to be in the health insurance business. Obamacare is about health insurance not healthcare. Having an insurance policy does not necessarily grant you access to healthcare as people stuck in Obamacare have realized.

Republicans speak about free market solutions but seem to do so only as a talking point. The GOPe represents around ⅔ of the republicans in congress. With this many big government, big spending, big debt democrats masquerading as republicans there is no way Obamacare is going to be repealed. Just let it die its slow death.

The arrogance of the democrats is they created Obamacare to fail around this time because they fully expected Hillary Clinton to be President. As Obamacare implodes as it is doing now she demonizes and blames its failure on the insurance companies to justify single-payer government takeover.

Single payer healthcare gives the federal government full power and control over all Americans and businesses and allows them to target their enemies and build upon their tyrannical power. Obama transformed the federal government by weaponizing the departments, agencies and bureaucracy and as we can see they do not want to yield their lust for power.

Had Clinton won, the Bill of Rights would effectively be gone and the Constitution reduced to little more than a museum artifact. Right now the establishment GOPe and democrats operate as republicrat party and that has been the cause of the fundamental transformation of America even before Obama.

Senator Mike Lee and Representative Ken Buck have 100% Heritage scores and good first choices for Majority Leaders. As for Speaker of the House my first choice is Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) with a Heritage score of 90%. Unless we make necessary changes now, republicans may lose their majority come 2018 and that disaster must be avoided at all costs.

Democrats are too volatile and dangerous to lead and establishment republicans too inept. In terms of the 2018 mid-term elections I suggest you go to the Heritage website and consider a primary challenge for any House Representative with a Heritage score below 70%.

Start looking for candidates outside the republican establishment now. We do not want to replace a lame establishment representative another lame establishment rep. To do so is a zero sum loss because all we did was change the names and faces … the betrayal story would continue.

For 2018 there are 33 seats in the Senate being contested. Senate terms are for 6 years so the people we put in now will help eliminate filibusters and we need a 60% majority to help President Donald Trump fulfill what the American people sent him to the White House to accomplish.

Democrats will have 23 seats coming up for general election on November 6, 2018 and we need non-establishment republicans challenging them in 2018. The most well-known challenger is Kid Rock running as a Republican against Debbie Stabenow (D-MI). We need more Kid Rock candidates emerging for the 2018 elections. Seems Ted Nugent will not be running unless he wants to challenge Kid for both are from Michigan.

The truth about all federal elections is not democrat versus republican but US Sovereignty versus Globalism. The GOPe are not true republicans for they abandoned the republican platform long ago.

The 2018 Senate Elections Scorecard

What a tremendous opportunity for this 2018 election is chock full of globalists, leftist and RINOs seeking re-election. This election can tip the scales in favor of retaining US Sovereignty and help implement the President Trump America First agenda.

Of all those seeking reelection only Senator Ted Cruz has a passing Heritage score of 94%. We can eliminate 7 RINOs in the Senate. If we can also get a new Majority Leader to replace McConnell there is hope for America.

Those republicans with Heritage scores below 70% MUST be primaried for electing another RINO to congress puts this nation at grave risk. We have a narrow window of opportunity for President Trump to turn this nation around. Without pro-sovereignty, common sense immigration candidates elected to the Senate and the House the far-left democrats and GOPe demopublicans will destroy any chance to Make America Great Again!



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2018 Senate Election Scorecard

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