Red Meat Warnings Debunked; Climate Crusaders Cry ‘Blasphemy’

Red Meat Warnings Debunked; Climate Crusaders Cry ‘Blasphemy’

by Kaley Madison Bassinger

The diet world has never been set in stone. Advice on what you should and shouldn’t eat seems to change by the hour and vary from one self-proclaimed “expert” to the next.

Let’s face it: past the basics of healthy eating, food advice is just plain perplexing, but there’s a reason for that. The cloud of confusion hanging over the nutrition establishment is partly due to shoddy science experiments performed by biased individuals with an angle, and an agenda.

One man, by the name of John Bohannon, took matters into his own hands to test the authenticity behind where diet dogma stems from in the first place. So, in true scientific fashion, he set up an official-sounding website, “The Institute of Diet and Health”, then published a study under the pseudonym of Johannes Bohannon. The study, in Bohannon’s own words, used “terrible science” to prove that chocolate is good for you. Specifically, “Not only does chocolate accelerate weight loss, the study found, but it leads to healthier cholesterol levels and overall increased well-being.”

And, the media went wild! Headlines like “Slim By Chocolate!” and “Why You Must Eat Chocolate Daily” populated mainstream media outlets, thus revealing “the corruption of the diet research-media complex.”

Just a few weeks ago, research performed by 14 scientists from over 7 countries debunked a similarly corrupted, but much longer-held and praised study linking consumption of red meat to cancer. The findings, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, discovered that the red flag against red meat was “primarily based on observational studies that are at high risk for confounding and thus are limited in establishing causal inferences, nor do they report the absolute magnitude of any possible effects.” Among the researchers who took part in debunking the bogus meat lore was professor of medicine Gorgon Guyatt, a man dedicated to scientific integrity, and who himself created the GRADE system for analyzing the verity of scientific evidence.

But, climate change activists who want to ban all cows in the name of Mother Earth don’t want word getting out. The notion that eating meat isn’t actually bad for you really rains on their parade march towards a meatless, cow fart-free future.

Unlike the chocolate study, journalists weren’t too pleased with this one. A Grist article titled Is red meat bad for you? Climate change sure is took their best shot at piling on the guilt of oh-so-sinful steak eating and laying on climate change fear-mongering thick.

“So if you do decide to fire up the grill and stack up on T-bones tonight to celebrate the new research, just know that you’re not getting a free pass. More beef means more methane. And a big ol’ spike in methane emissions from beef production is pretty much the last thing we need right now, seeing as we’re on track to warm the planet a crispy 3.5 degrees C above preindustrial levels by the end of the century.”

Another voice outraged over the scientific research is Harvard School of Public Health professor Walter Willet, who called the study “the most egregious abuse of evidence I’ve ever seen.” Not-so-coincidentally, Willet is also one of the top members of the EAT-Lance Commission – a squad of climate activists advocating for a plant-based diet.

It should come as no shock that Harvard University itself has also blasted the research as being ignorant of the impact meat has on the environment, listing the following as a fault of the study:

“The panel declared “considerations of environmental impact” out of the scope of their recommendations. This is a missed opportunity because climate change and environmental degradation have serious effects on human health, and thus is important to consider when making recommendations on diet.”

California public health official Henning Ansor echoed, “Please let us, as physicians, wake up to the fact, that our climate crisis poses the most profound risk to individuals and public health and that we have a responsibility in guiding the public on how to confront this threat: in part, with food choices.”

To put it candidly, what these climate-obsessed protestors outraged over the revelation that meat is not actually unhealthy are really saying is that truth in science does not matter. According to them, scientists have a higher calling to keep their mouths shut, or outright lie, about facts in servitude of “saving the planet.”

In doing so, the cult of climate change is digging a grave with the name of science on its headstone in order to usher in a new era where they’re the ones who get to decide which findings are accepted, and which are thrown out.

This is nothing new in human history, so let’s call this band of climate change crusaders what they really are: a newfangled religion where environmentalism is an act of veneration, meat-eaters are equivalent to devil-worshipers, and Veganism is the path to salvation.


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