Criminal Coup Conspirator James Comey

Criminal Coup Conspirator James Comey
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The criminal Swamp has a depth and breadth that few realized until Trump started pulling strings that began to unravel the evil global plot to overthrow the United States and depose President Trump. In this segment we will highlight the criminality of coup conspirator James Comey.

Criminal Coup Conspirator James Comey

James Comey is the King of Lawlessness in America. Here is a short list of Comey direct criminal activities related to the Trump coup d’état.

  • Leaking Classified Intelligence & Information
  • Worked with Susan Rice and Sally Yates to unmask NSA surveillance of Michael Flynn conversations
  • Trump Tower Server setup to fabricate story Trump received funds from Russia
  • Authorized electronic surveillance of Carter Page to obtain FISA surveillance warrants
  • Disinformation leaks that Putin was paying Trump
  • Election Meddling
  • Leaked classified intelligence on Donald Trump Jr meeting with a Russian lawyer
  • Had his pals at NSA illegally surveille Donald Trump Jr
  • Falsely reported there was Russian hacking in 20 states
  • Had Knowledge that DNC server was a breach, not a hack
  • Failed to pin the DNC ‘hack’ on Russian Gubarev
  • Then tried to offered a ‘deal’ to Russian hacker Nikulin if he ‘confessed’ to DNC hack which failed
  • Then failed to pin DNC ‘hack’ on Guccifer 2.0 claiming he was a Russian
  • Paid $50.000 to Fusion GPS on “Russian Dossier”
  • Leaks to the Press on Russian Dossier long before he had Christopher Steele come to America to brief corporate media
  • Led disinformation campaigns against President Trump
  • Comey had his spy, Felix sater infiltrate the Trump campaign

Here is another short list of unprosecuted crimes Comey either ignored or supported outright while FBI Director:

  • Hillary Clinton Benghazi gun running
  • Ambassador Steven’s death
  • Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious gun running
  • Hillary’s private server espionage and treason
  • Hillary’s Russian collusion and bribes to Clinton Foundation
  • Falsely pronounced Hillary innocent of obvious crimes on two spperate occasions
  • Bush and Clinton bank bailouts
  • Bombing seven sovereign nations without congressional approval
  • Obama’s IBM Eclipse Foundation’s social networking patent theft
  • James Clapper’s illegal NSA/CIA/FBI surveillance and his perjury before Congress
  • Obama’s energy company subsidies
  • Obama’s misuse of banker fines to support liberal activist groups
  • Obama’s theft of Fannie May and Freddie Mac
  • Obama’s IRS targeting of conservatives
  • Obama and Clinton’s confiscations from the Bureau of Land Management
  • Planned Parenthood eugenics and baby parts trafficking
  • Gold, silver, and LIBOR rate rigging
  • Ignoring “missing person” reports and supporting human trafficking
  • Clinton Foundation theft of $2 billion under the guise of a Presidential Library fund
  • Hillary taking money from foreign nations while Secretary of State
  • Maintaining open borders and sanctuary cities
  • Refugee trafficking and fraud
  • Allowing overstayed visas of more than one million people
  • Non-enforcement of existing immigration laws

James Comey is a career criminal with his misdeed dating back to his days of a federal prosecutor in New York with Loretta Lynch. The swamp has a long and checkered past and all these bad actors have been working their criminal schemes with each other for decades.


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