Comey Kept the Russian ‘Illusion of Collusion’ Alive for Democrats and Media

Comey Kept the Russian ‘Illusion of Collusion’ Alive for Democrats and Media
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Obama Hatched Conspiracy

There is no investigation into the Trump – Russian collusion because the story was invented by Obama shortly after the 2016 election of Donald J Trump. When the deep state participants were called in to testify before Congress under oath, to a person the conclusion was there is no evidence for such false accusations.

The deep state is many things but stupid is not one of them. Loyalty to the false narrative ends with perjury under oath because serious prison time is at stake. Only the worst swamp creatures will fall on their sword for a lie. That is the true narrative when it comes to the invention of Russia influencing the election to favor Donald Trump.

All the major players without exception testified under oath there is no Russia connection with Donald Trump or those on his team. Even the ranking House Democrat on the Intel Committee Adam Schiff, D-CA was forced to reluctantly admit there is no definitive proof of Russian collusion. The only ones willing to lie under oath are those who when the truth emerges will be facing jail time for their illegal activities, spying and unmasking of those on the Obama enemies list.

Obama Russia Hacks

Obama Behind the Russian Hacks

The guilty parties were not be able to get the deep state operatives to back up their lies for by doing so it puts  their freedom on the line. As long as the guilty parties can force investigations into a make believe boogie-man it prevents investigating the truth of the Obama regime spying on the Trump team and hundreds, if not thousands of US citizens and their unmasking.

This false narrative of Russian ‘illusion of collusion’ has gone on long enough and there is nothing to investigate. The corporate fake news media and democrats are the only ones keeping this conspiracy theory alive and they want the deep state operatives to support them but they will not, at least not under oath.

Time to apply investigative resources where crimes have been committed … the Obama regime’s illegal spying activities; the Clinton criminal enterprise; and the fake news media’s cover-up of the Obama-Clinton crime syndicate. Just how long does the far-left believe they can lie and spin their false narrative to buy more time?

Now that Director Comey is gone the truth that there is no investigation in the Russian collusion falsehood will manifest. There is simply nothing to investigate. What we can now expect are desperate flailing from desperate people doing everything in their power to avoid investigations leading to prison when found guilty.

The democrats and fake news propaganda media will demand a ‘special counsel’ be assigned and change the narrative that President Trump fired Comey to prevent disclosure of Russian evidence of collusion. The fake story has run its course and will run no more. That horse has been beat to death.

It was essential that the far-left democrats and globalists keep ‘their own’ in power so the corruption and crimes could remain buried. President Donald Trump is not one of their own and neither was Michael Flynn. The false Russian narrative succeeded in removing Flynn and now they want President Trump removed from power for that is critical to their survival. His election really upset their criminal enterprise.

With Comey gone we can expect desperate outcries of ‘cover-up’ and ‘special counsel’ by the democrats and one of their choosing to keep advancing the myth of Russian collusion. We should also expect resurgence in deep state leaks, talks of impeachment and threats of assassination to remove President Trump from power.

When none of that works, expect major distractions like an escalated nuclear crisis from North Korea; another major false flag involving Syria; a major Iranian crisis or anything else that could possibly be used to trigger escalating events leading to WW3 with Russia. The WW3 scenario was always part of the globalist end-game strategy to usher in NWO and a world currencies reset.

IllusionCollusionThis is what all this nonsense is really about. America has a vital role in implementing the globalist end-game strategy. President Trump is coopted on the military aspect of the globalist plan with the Dunford, Petraeus, McMaster and Mattis block seeing that this strategy from a military perspective is implemented. Though Petraeus has no ‘official’ position in the Trump administration, he still carries a lot of pull over McMaster.

We saw major corruption and ballot fraud in France to this end as well. With the Macron win a reversal of Brexit is now possible for the globalists will not tolerate any further upsets to their plans. There is a very strong possibility for a French revolution due to the fraudulent presidential election.

Street riots and protests from both sides will emerge. There will certainly be a political backlash with huge losses in the upcoming local elections in France to oppose Macron. France wants out of the EU and immigration control, especially from Islam terrorist nations. Things are getting quite ugly in France.

All these things are connected with what is happening in America with the firing of James Comey. He was the lid on the cover-up of the false narrative of Russian collusion and it just got blown off. It’s panic mode for the far-left democrats and the globalists.

Though they claim to ‘support’ Comey the truth is they hate him. The shameless and dishonorable democrats led by far-left extremist Chucky Schumer, Elijah Cummings and Adam Schiff have no love for Comey but since he fits their narrative for vitriolic attacks on President Trump they will feign support. Once he outlives his usefulness to them, they will gleefully throw him under the bus.


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