Just Another Tweet Storm Tuesday

Just Another Tweet Storm Tuesday

The Presidential Tweets and retweets this Tuesday January 15, 2019 are profound truths. The plight of the angel mom’s media blackout is nothing short of disgusting. How can the demonrats like Cryin’ Chuck and Nitwit Nancy sleep at night knowing their policies are literally destroying America?

Let’s begin with the tweets on the failure of the demonrats to secure our Southern Border. A travesty of epic proportions.

Most of the border related tweets are hard hitting truths and the American people are fed up with the politicization of national security and demand action! Fortunately our President is a man of action and results.

After 30 days of furlough, or 22 business days, Civil Service has a procedure where all those employees may laid-off permanently. What a conundrum for the demonrats!

They can continue their position on no wall and keep the deep state anti Trump Senior Executive Service (SES) out of their resistance toward President Trump; or they can fund the wall and destroy their globalist dystopia for America but have the obama holdovers (90% of those furloughed) burying the Trump policy of America First. I’m LOVIN’ our stable genius POTUS!

There were also other important topics President Trump tweeted on to keep Americans informed. He commented on his foreign policy in the Middle East and revealed his positions with Turkey, Syria and foreign and domestic economics. However, what caught my attention was the public pronouncement in describing the political movement to depose of President Trump as a coup d’état.

I and other political analysts have been calling the efforts to depose of President Trump a coup d’état since the beginning of his Presidency. We were all called “conspiracy theorists” for doing so. Now that it’s in the mainstream that tells me justice will be served. Let’s hear how President Trump addresses the coup d’état in his tweets.

What the New York Times is calling a ‘retaliation’ is in reality a coup d’état; and that was something that started long before the firing of coup conspirator James Comey. The NY Times is fake news propaganda and they will always bend and distort facts to suit their globalist narrative.

The coup d’état started as an illegal spying operation to remove candidate Trump and then President-elect Trump from becoming the 45th President of the United States. When these efforts continued to persist up to and beyond Inauguration Day, it became a coup d’état and a capital offense called treason.

Michael Horowitz is SES and a willing participant in the coup conspiracy and why I refer to him as IG Horrorwitz. He is complicit in the cover-up of evidence exposing the coup d’état. In the ‘lost’ text messages that are not being disclosed is the evidence of an assassination plot against President Trump; the real ‘insurance policy’ which is not the Mueller ‘witch-hunt’.

The Mueller investigation was always plan B and point of the spear of the active coup d’état. This too will be revealed for Mueller, Huber, Horrorwitz and the deep state conspirators, most of whom are now furloughed are actively destroying and burying documents that reveal their evil criminal activities dating back to the George H.W. Bush era as a CIA operative in the coup d’état against President John F Kennedy.

Now that Bush #41 is dead, will the declassification of these documents be revealed? Eventually but not while Bushite Bill Barr is confirmed and serving as Attorney General. He is a Bush loyalist and will do everything in his power to see that does not happen.

And this retweet by President Trump validates the known conspiracy to depose of President Trump via an active coup d’état. President Trump just escalated the ‘witch-hunt’ to its true purpose. 2019 is going to be a very interesting year. For those who keep saying nothing is going to happen to the criminals in government all I can say is buckle up! You’re about to go on the wildest ride of your life.


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