President Trump Wars With The Cabal

President Trump Wars With The Cabal
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POTUS Trump is in the throes of a secret spiritual and carnal war with The Cabal. The Cabal consists of 13 satanic bloodlines that essentially controls the planet. They include Oligarchs; Institutions; Governments; and the Gnostic Illuminati. All are satanists; all are subjected to trauma-based mind-control; and all have multiple personality disorders.

13 bloodlines: Astor; Bundy; Collins; DuPont; Freeman; Kennedy; Li; Onassis; “Reynolds”; Rockefeller; Rothschild; Russell; Van Duyn.

According to Christian Illuminati researcher Fritz Springmeier in his book Bloodlines of the Illuminati, the “Merovingian” line and not Reynolds is the 13th bloodline. However, the Reynolds bloodline is powerful enough to be considered by other researchers as one of the 13. Springmeier has the Reynolds bloodline as the highest oligarch.

All oligarchs are integrated into one of the 13 bloodlines by subjection or blood via marriage and child-bearing. Fritz claims Satan himself blessed the twelve bloodlines of the Illuminati in mockery of God’s Twelve Tribes of Israel, with the 13th bloodline being that of satan himself, the Merovingian bloodline.

The Merovingian line was ‘allegedly’ infused with Satan’s own seed and passed down through the French Merovingian bloodline – Fritzs’ own twist on Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The Messianic Legacy. That is a stretch for satan is not flesh and blood and therefore has no ‘seed’ to establish a carnal bloodline.

Fritz states the Anti-Christ will be born from this 13th Satanic bloodline. Plausible in terms of a ‘spiritual’ seed, but not a carnal seed based on my understanding of Scripture. Springmeier considers the bible to be a means of mind-control rather than the inspired Word of God, something I see as folly and apostasy. He also claims the house of King David is satanic which is totally nonsensical to me and my biblical understanding. I therefore take what he says with a grain of salt without casting all his research into the trash bin.

I post this brief overview of ‘The Cabal’ which some call Illuminati at this time because President Trump’s war with The Cabal is real and viscous and about to enter the mainstream for it can no longer remain hidden. I believe this overview important as an introductory piece for many have been programmed to accept this as ‘conspiracy theory’ which incidentally is a CIA psyop to keep inquisitive minds from delving too far into truth. Funny how past conspiracy theories have become conspiracy facts.

Oligarchs: Prominent families of the cabal like Disney, Reynolds, McDonald and Krupp bloodlines wield substantial influence and power. Families such as: Bacon, Baker, Beatty, Bush, Bronfman, Cabot, Carnegie, Clinton, Duke, Forbes, Mellon, Morgan, Payseur, Vanderbilt, Warburg, Watson, the Whitneys as well as other prominent families with money have intermarried with the top 13 bloodlines and have managed to obtain significant power on their own. Only specially selected families may intermarry with the 13th Merovingian bloodline.

Institutions: Jesuits; Knights of Malta, The Crown; Vatican; world governments; and the Bilderberg group are prominent though there are others. One or more of the 13 bloodlines head these institutions and or governments including the United States. President Trump defied all odds in his election as the 45th President of the United States and the only modern day President since Ronald Reagan to not be a descendant of the 13 or one or more of the oligarch families, though they did try recruit him to the dark side.

The Gnostic Illuminati: control of the US Military Industrial Complex; 5 Eyes; and all in the Intelligence Community.

POTUS Trump’s Current Cabal Battle: Gain control over SWIFT which is an acronym for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications. SWIFT owns the international interbank electronic transfer system. The life blood and the ACH and wire transfer system of the global elite.

LOOK FOR SWIFT TO EMERGE SOON IN NEWS REPORTS. That is a key domino to trigger the collapse and ultimate destruction of The Cabal. It’s not going to be front page headlines but buried deep into obscure blurbs and innocuous placement so as to be easily overlooked and ignored. The Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times of London are the most likely to report on the Trump takeover of SWIFT.

Timing is everything with President Trump. His expanded and modified Court Martial Executive Order for non-military government officials and civilians goes into effect on January 1, 2019.

Military Tribunal hearings have already been operational with John McCain and George H.W. Bush both being put to death according to sources close to and in the CIA and Pentagon. Both Bush and McCain are military.

However, the CIA sources have dramatically different renditions regarding the execution/suicide of Bush 41 so their versions are suspect as a psyop and therefore unreliable.

The Pentagon on the other hand have very consistent accounts from several sources. They claim GHWB was indicted September 10, 2018 for crimes against humanity, child trafficking, sedition, and treason. He allegedly plea-bargained a deal with the military tribunal hearing his case, to be executed via suicide to keep his legacy intact for his family and the general public.

The Pentagon and Intelligence Community are calling this voluntary suicide arrangement as being “McCained” for he was the first to make such an arrangement. Death by being McCained is a deserving legacy for that traitor to have.

President Trump signed the death orders for both but was was careful to deny Bush 41 a state funeral with a horse and caisson which is customary for Presidents like the one for Ronald Reagan. President Trump is a Patriot and would not rightly entertain such a ruse of dishonor because of Bush 41’s criminal execution.

Please take notice of the deafening silence from the fake news propaganda media regarding this. Not one of the talking heads of the Mockingbird sockpuppet media dared to ask why no state funeral for Bush? It was just not in their script for obvious reasons. Many of their corporate masters may soon be convicted of similar crimes and may even suffer a similar fate.

The military traitors were first to stand trial before the Tribunal. Others including non-military and civilians may be indicted to stand trial before the Military Tribunals as early as January 2, 2019. These will not be secret as some are proclaiming. Justice shall be served cold. Will these trials commence in the darkness of winter in 2019? We’ll soon see.

MAGA is happening! Ignore the nay-sayers.

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