Nunes Criminal Referrals: The Spygate Eight

Nunes Criminal Referrals: The Spygate Eight
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04.12.19 Northeast Texas. Who are the Spygate 8? There is a long list of people who could be criminally referred; the challenge is to limit it to 8 and from the the perspective of Devin Nunes (R-CA).

The first round of criminal referrals given to Attorney General Bill Barr include 8 people in the following categories: 5 Liars, Leakers & Obstructing Justice in Congressional Investigation; 1 Global Leak referral involving reporters; 2 Conspirators in Intelligence and FISA abuse and other matters.

Remember, spygate began in late 2015 and directly involved the Obama white house regime. Here’s my shot … you comment on the video below on who you think the Spygate 8 are.

Spygate 8: round one of criminal referrals

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