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Christchurch Mosque Shooter Bodycam Video
0 comments, 16/03/2019, by in Islam

This is a disturbing video that the alleged Mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant of Australia filmed via bodycam in his Christchurch, New Zealand Mosque assault that killed 49. The video is graphic and viewer discretion is advised. https://www.bitchute.com/video/eYtZgYXPSlXD/ Unfortunately we live... Read more...

Border at ‘Breaking Point’ -NY Times
0 comments, 06/03/2019, by in Politics

By White House, 1600 Daily Two and a half weeks after President Donald J. Trump declared a National Emergency to address the crisis on our border, mainstream media outlets have dug into the numbers—and the personal stories—surrounding America’s broken immigration system. What they... Read more...

0 comments, 28/12/2018, by in Investigative

by Nancy Morgan Hart, Headlines With A Voice In addition to his criminal activities written about previously, John Roberts is directly implicated in the coup d’état against President Donald J Trump and America. He and he alone is EXCLUSIVELY responsible for appointing ALL FISA COURT (FISC)... Read more...

Migrant Invasion Force Sues President Trump?
0 comments, 03/11/2018, by in Politics

The Central American migrant invasion force heading to the United States Southern Border filed a class-action lawsuit against President Trump for ... wait for it ... violating their US Constitutional Rights? Huh? Gee, it seems that foreigners believe they have 'citizen' rights under our United St... Read more...

Fall Of The Republic
1 comment, 19/08/2018, by in Politics

Watch the Full Length version of Fall of the Republic by Alex Jones embedded in this article. Alex Jones? Isn’t he that Conspiracy Theorist? The phrase conspiracy theory was invented by the CIA in 1967 in direct response to the ever increasing number of Americans daring to question the ‘official... Read more...

North Korea 1945-2017: How We Got to Here
1 comment, 06/09/2017, by in International

This article is an abbreviated timeline of major and significant events impacting Korea starting in 1945 up through the first week in September, 2017. This timeline overview is critical for us to gain an understanding of what is happening with the sabre rattling taking place between the USA and DPRK... Read more...