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NewsHawk Network is pleased to announce that in August, 2017 we added video to our production staff. Our Editor offers video commentary to compliment many of the articles written by our authors. Hopefully as we continue to expand and grow we will be offer studio quality production and field reporting.

While hand-held digital cameras and iPhone cameras do offer video recording, we hope to be able to soon offer field video footage of local, national and international significance.

Should any of our authors develop their own video channel on internet platforms, we will provide links to their channels here, on this page. If you have footage to an event of significance, CONTACT US.

NOTE REGARDING YOUTUBE: YouTube is owned by Google and has made a decision  to undermine American values and our Constitution by prohibiting Free Speech. YouTube engages in active suppression of speech; political Censorship; Demonitization and other punitive actions for people of differing political views than themselves.

As a consequence of such actions NewsHawk Network shall not link to YouTube videos from this website. We discourage the use of YouTube for all video and though we maintain a presence there it is for the purpose to direct patrons to locations outside of YouTube. has also taken the censorship route as do most other video platforms on the internet. Those same restrictions apply to all sites who restrict and/or penalize the free speech of content producers and providers.

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While we have a YouTube presence we loathe their technocracy, control and censorship. Newshawk Network is being shadow-banned by Youtuube and this website is censored by Google prom having our articles searchable by key words for the first 60-90 days or banned outright based on their algorithyms.

government, corporate, and technocracy Tyrants is who and what NHN will continue to expose regardless of consequence.

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