Jeffrey A Rosen Nominated as Deputy Attorney General

Jeffrey A Rosen Nominated as Deputy Attorney General
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Who is Jeffrey A Rosen and why did Trump nominate him as DAG: Deputy Attorney General? Well the short answer is because Bill Barr hand picked him as his DAG. This is not the common practice for the President reserves the right to select the DAG apart from AG approval. Let’s take a look at who is Jeff Rosen?

Jeff Rosen was a Senior Partner at the Kirkland & Ellis law firm for 30 years, and a member of their Global Executive Management Committee. Kirkland & Ellis is the same law firm that AG Bill Barr and SCOTUS Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh came from. The article on Bill Barr in References offers a short exposé on the law firm so we will not discuss the firm again here.

Mr Rosen currently serves as the Transportation Department Deputy Secretary, and prior to that he served as General Counsel and Senior Policy Advisor to George W Bush (2003-2006) and the Bush White House Management and Budget office (2006-2009). He also Chaired the American Bar Association’s Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice (2015-2016). He was awarded his BA, Economics from Northwestern University in 1979; and his JD, Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School in 1982.

Jeffrey A Rosen is also a member of the Senior Executive Service (SES) and is listed in their 2008 Plum Book which makes him a card carrying member of the DC Swamp. The SES is the shadow government that oversees, nay, controls the deep state. Bill Barr is SES and wants his own at the executive level of the DOJ. The swamp permeates the Trump administration.

2008 Plum Book Listing of Senior Executive Service Members

Rosen will be replacing DAG Rod Rosenstein who will be leaving later this month under a cloud of controversy and suspicion for playing a key role in the soft coup d’état against President Trump by illegally appointing Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to investigate President Trump despite the fact there was never any evidence of any crime. Rat Rodentstein, the preferred name by the woke citizen journalists, researchers and patriots is an active coup-conspirator by offering to wear a ‘wire’ to illegally tape conversations with the President in hope of leveling a 25th Amendment charge to justify removal from office.

While there is little to no ‘evidence’ so far that the swamp is being drained, hope remains alive that high level deep state criminals will be brought to justice one way or another. However, that window of hope is closing rapidly. Should that window become shut, many believe the SHIFT and American patriots will bring justice to the swamp.


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