Mueller Criminality Exposed: The Hunter is Now The Hunted

Mueller Criminality Exposed: The Hunter is Now The Hunted
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Robert Mueller is a much different man than the propaganda media and tyrannical politicians would have you believe. They fear the truth and built their houses upon the sand of lies and corruption.

If you’re reading the corporate fake news propaganda media, you are being led to believe the noose is getting tighter around President Trump’s neck when in reality just the opposite is true. For Example:

  • AXIOS HeadliineMueller’s Breadcrumbs Suggest He Has The Goods
  • NBC NewsThink President Trump Seems Rattled Now? There May be More to Come
  • USA TodayMueller is Building a Conspiracy Case That’s Likely to Ensnare Trump and His Family

The reality is Mueller and the democrats coup d’état conspiracy against the United States of America by deposing President Donald J Trump is being exposed daily. So why do this? The conspirators will need something to justify their scorched earth tactics of riots and destruction that will probably dwarf what we saw in the early months of the Donald Trump presidency.

The Mueller witch-hunt is about to crash and burn when the DOJ investigates the jack boot tactics of the Mueller “Russian Investigation” that are evil enough to make Heinrich Himmler, the head of the NAZI SS envious. What do you think is going to happen when POTUS Trump declassifies the criminal activity of the James Comey FBI?

The FBI and DOJ fabricated the evidence and lied to FISC in order to obtain surveillance of several members of the Trump Campaign. Such spying on US citizens for political gain is an evil never before seen in the United States and by the grace of God will never be seen again. That in large part will depend upon the declassification and public distribution of the manufactured evidence presented to FISC.

It is essential we shed the purifying light of truth upon the evil conspiracy to prevent citizen Trump from ever getting elected that continued into his presidency as a soft coup d’état spear-headed by Robert Mueller and his co-conspirators.

Despite the demonrats impassioned pleas that such disclosure would jeopardize national security, the truth is the only thing it will expose is the criminal enterprise the FBI, DOJ, executive branch and deep state bureaucrats have been perpetrating against Americans for decades.

Let the indictments begin.


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