UN and NATO: Time to Withdraw & Replace

UN and NATO: Time to Withdraw & Replace
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It is completely obvious that the current world structure is established for globalism, tyranny and totalitarianism to reign. The global assault on national sovereignty, open borders, unfettered migration, unfair trade and meaningless military alliances must come to an end.

There are currently 18 Nations properly rejecting the ill conceived #UN #MigrationPact as of this writing. Those nations include all the following:

  1. United States
  2. Poland
  3. Hungary
  4. Israel
  5. Austria
  6. Bulgaria
  7. Estonia
  8. Czech Republic
  9. Croatia
  10. Slovenia
  11. Slovakia
  12. Japan
  13. Belgium
  14. Denmark
  15. Italy
  16. Korea
  17. Russia
  18. China

Many of the countries on this list can and should form the foundation for a new Sovereign Nations Alliance on Strategic Trade and Defense that must be formed to replace NATO and the United Nations. Both have outlived their usefulness and have morphed into globalist tools to implement global tyranny. The time is ripe for a change in global governance.

President Trump is the perfect leader to negotiate the terms once he purges the deep state globalast tyrants from within the United States’ government. Unique issues for Korea, China and Russia must be negotiated including non-military aggression and fair and reciprical trade before admission to the alliance is granted. Negotionas with the other nation states will be a lot less cumbersome.

This new strategic alliance will immediately replace NATO for a majority of its members are enemies to national sovereignty. The EU and the UK are the enemies of liberty, national sovereignty and contrary to US interests. Therefore a new international alliance must be formed to defeat the evil of globalism’s tyrannical persuit of technocracy and corporatocracy as the mechanisms of world dominion. NATO the UN and all other globalist agencies including the central banks are globalist tools of totalitarianism.

The United States must defund and withdraw from membership in the UN and NATO completely. Many nations in NATO are the enemies of the United States and that includes the UK. This new alliance may also be a useful tool to pressure Russia and China into a fairer and reciprocal dealing on global trade for all have the common enemy of globalism.

A 15 or 16 nation strategic alliance may be the perfect counterbalance to compete against globalist incursions into their long sought after New World Order. While this may or may not prevent world war as a retaliatory tool of the globalist lust for and subsequent loss of world power; the civil uprisings for national sovereignty happening across the globe may serve to minimize efforts for a scorched earth policy; a tactic with a long history among the tyrants.

The key strategic partner to have membership in this new alliance is Russia for their nuclear arsenal and aggressive goals to reconstiture the collapsed “Soviet Empire” by bring back into the fold their lost satellite nations is clearly a hard line point of negotiation. If there is anyone most suited for this task it is our own President Donald J Trump. We’d be hard pressed to find a better negotiator and deal maker than he.


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