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We are a new media organization dependent upon the goodwill offering of sponsors and users. This site was created in response to the frustration of the corporate media agenda and failure to honestly report the facts and in many cases the deliberate lies and creation of false reporting. We do not accept corporate or government funding or any funding from sources that may exert pressure to report or not report news and information the public has a right to know.

Free Speech is under attack in the United States of America by globalists who no longer believe in Individual Sovereignty or State Sovereignty. This is worth fighting for and censorship is prevalent with “Publicly Owned” companies like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to name but a few. The government is also backing and influencing many companies and harassing private citizens and companies that dare claim their God-given rights as codified in the Bible and the Bill of Rights. there are some in government who openly proclaim that claiming your Constitutional Rights makes you an enemy of the government seeking to diminish and eventually remove such rights. Such government and people withing that government are embracing Tyranny and Intimidation as tactics to silence its citizens. If opposing such makes us an enemy of the state, then so be it for we shall never capitulate to such.

If you love Liberty and like what we are doing and here and have in your heart the will to help us financially we say Thank You for blessing us in that manner. No amount is too small or too large. Please tell your friends about us and feel free to use our posts in your social media pages and groups for discussion. If they are being censored and deleted, please let us and anyone else who will listen know about it. Our goal is to be a champion of Liberty and traditional American values.

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