President Trump’s 18 Tweet Blizzard

President Trump’s 18 Tweet Blizzard
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Wow, Wow, WOW! My Goodness did our stable genius of a president have a LOT to say today! President Trump’s 18 tweet Cyber-Storm on Saturday, January 12, 2019 included:

  • 4 video segments mostly on border security, immigration and the corrupt CNN fake news machine;
  • More fake news propagandists CNN and NY Times;
  • A pinch of football and generic drug pricing;
  • A dash of foreign affairs on Russia and illegal alien crimes in the USA;
  • Topped with a healthy helping of crime and corruption in the FBI, DOJ and special counsel Mueller;
  • And fake investigations to cover-up the federal government acting as a criminal enterprise for many decades.

Lets’ jump into it with the first tweet posted in the wee early hours of Saturday morn that includes a short video on the humanitarian crisis on the Southern Border.

The video discusses some of the techniques used by the criminal invaders desperate to breech our Southern border. The globalists have not abandoned their plan to fundamentally transform America into a totalitarian globalist state. Destruction of the fabric of America is essential to achieve their evil transformation.

This second 1:13m video is an appeal for demonrats to return to Washington and vote for border security. President trump needs our help to do this. Call your representative and senator but especially call Cryin’ Chuck and Nitwit Nancy.

Chuck Schumer 202-224-6542   Nancy Pelosi 202-224-4965

While President Trump has been successful in reducing generic drug prices in 2018, the real problem is Big Pharma’s stranglehold control over the American Medical Association. Doctors are merely Big Pharma’s business distribution model for drug dispensing.

The medical profession is no longer about preventive care or curing ailments and disease because there is no money in prevention and cures. There have ALWAYS been natural cures for cancer and every disease known to man. The problem is you can’t patent that which exists in nature.

Cures, especially natural medicines in the form of food and herbs has been assaulted and suppressed by the medical profession. The money is in “Disease Management” and this is killing Americans … literally.

This third 41 second video exposes fake news propagandist CNN who will only report stories that advance the globalist narrative and falsely condemn President Donald J Trump. Good for San Diego news station KUSI News for not capitulating to the Corrupt News Network.

KUSI News investigated and inspected the wall and interviewed local and federal authorities and concluded that WALLS DO WORK. CNN chose to have nothing to do with them after that.

The corrupt ‘gray lady’ the failing New York Times reported that former leaders of the FBI opened an investigation on President Donald Trump without reason, cause or crime after he fired bad cop and sleaze Lyin’ James Comey. Do not for one second think the NY Slimes are doing honest reporting … they are not.

The deep state is throwing a few bad actors under the bus as bones for a hungry dog and hopes that will be enough to protect the criminal senior officials like hildabeast and jihadist obama from further investigations.

In the game of chess, it’s not only the pawns who get sacrificed. By giving up a few of the lieutenants and captains they hope to stave off further investigations into the ‘royals.’ Let’s hope and pray that scheme fails for justice demands more … a LOT MORE.

People like Bill and Hillary Clinton must answer for the lifetime of criminal activity. They’s been getting away with murder, literally for nearly five decades now. The Democrat National Committee (DNC) is so horrific they should be prosecuted under RICO, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. They have not operated as a political party for many years now and should in fact be classified a domestic terror organization for all their crimes and evil doing.

The last three decades of having globalist criminals in the White House running the Executive Branch of federal government has taken a serious toll on America. The globalists hate the United States, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and Cuba. The first two for their commitment of the nation state and the latter three for not being owned or controlled by the Rothschild Family of central banks.

President Donald Trump is prying the United States away from the Federal Reserve Bank owned and controlled by the international central banking cartel and staunchly rejecting globalism as is Russia. There is too much to be stated on this topic and there are many articles devoted to this on the NewsHawk Network website.

James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page are the sacrificial lambs being thrown under the bus. With our utterly corrupt judiciary, will a fair trial even be possible? Unlikely. They may try McCabe in federal court to see if justice can prevail. That may be the trial balloon to see if others will be prosecuted federally or if the Military Tribunal route must be used.

All these people and many, many more are active co-conspirators in the coup d’état to bring down President Trump. His Executive Order that went into effect on January 1, 2019 changed and expanded Martial Law to include citizens involved in such crimes like conspiracy and certain others to be tried by Military Tribunal. We’ll have to see how this all pans out.

President Trump is standing firm on not signing any bills to reopen the partial furlough until the Southern Border crisis is effectively dealt with by Congress. It is unconscionable that the demonrats are taking such a hard-line anti-America stance on the border crisis. Border security is Constitutionally mandated for the President and Legislature under Article 4, Section 4 which states the following:

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion, and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened), against domestic violence.

The US Constitution, Article 4, Section4

These facts speak for themselves. Those who claim we do not have a border crisis and an illegal alien crisis in America are simply delusional and blatant liars. This destruction of Western Civilization is a worldwide issue and we see the utter destruction evident in Europe and the Scandinavian countries like Sweden.

This is the tyranny of globalism that the citizens of the free world are rising up to put down. This is the same plan for America; and had it not been for President Trump we’d be entangled in a brutal world war and civil war simultaneously.

The solution is so utterly clear. In fact, all congressmen who abandon their constitutional responsibility to protect the citizens from invasion and domestic violence can and MUST be impeached and removed from office. President Trump says 15 minutes! … 15 minutes to resolve our border crisis! This demonrat reluctance and obstruction is unacceptable on every conceivable level.

The propaganda fake news media is complicit in the madness and are co-conspirators to the coup d’état. Their role is this must not go unpunished. Treason is not free speech.

Demonrat dereliction of duty must not go without consequence; must not go unpunished. Violating their oath of office to uphold, preserve and protect the US Constitution must be considered a high crime and misdemeanor. We should all know the consequences of those acts. The crime of omission can be more serious than crimes of commission.



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