President Trump Tweets for 1.11.2019

President Trump Tweets for 1.11.2019
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Just how fantastic is it to have an Alpha male as President of the United States? No wonder the demonrats and the fake news propaganda media are obsessed with deposing President Donald J Trump by any means necessary.

He has them twisted in more knots than a New York City pretzel. All who oppose him get defeated in every conceivable way. He’s the demonrats Daddy. For example, yesterday mockingbird CNN reporter Jim Accosta, who is diagnosed with severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, tried his level best to discredit President Trump when he visited the site of the Wall in Texas.

What Accosta ended up doing was demonstrate in no uncertain terms just how effective a Border Wall is in preventing illegal alien invaders from breeching our border. Good ol’ Jerky Jim tried to make the case that the border situation at the wall location was quite peaceful and tranquil. In his attempt to ridicule President Trump that we do not have a “national emergency” at the border he ended up being a proponent for Wall effectiveness.

Folks, you just can’t make this stuff up. All five Trump Tweets for today were focused on immigration and border security. Let’s tak a look at President Trump’s first tweet.

He begins by defending the attacks from the deranged that unless Mexico literally ‘cuts him a check’ Mexico is not paying for the wall. The media lies by saying that is precisely what he said during the campaign which is totally false. Trump always stated that when he levels the playing field with trad with Mexico and Canada, the billions of dollars saved with Mexico alone could pay for 10 border walls.

Maybe we could use the money saves to build a California wall to protect Americans? After all, are they not being run like an irresponsible lawless bananna republic ruled by a globalist dictator?

Changes to the H1-B visa is the first step in making the necessary changes for a merit based immigration system with a path to United States citizenship. This does not need to be done through the dysfunctional Congress for regulations could accomplish this quite nicely until such time we get a ‘rational’ Congress that puts American citizen needs before those of illegal aliens that have invaded our Country.

However, care and diligence must be exercised for the State Department is still under the control of deep state tyrants and obama globalist minions hell bent on open borders. It was these same people who sabatoged the USMCA by inserting the UN model legislation for migration, Agenda 21 and 2030. How Presdent Trump signed such an evil globalist bill making it the law of the land is mind boggling. Yes, it levels the playing field on trade but carries a huge price in other ways.

We are indeed are left with a humanitarian crisis on our hands through the corrdinated and well financed efforts to crash our Southern border with third and fourth world invasion forces that demonrats and propaganda media maliciously lie and misrepresent as poor migrants seeking a better life. I disagree with President Trump on this point: Cryin’ Chuck and Nitwit Nancy do indeed know how bad and dangerous it is for this is the culmination of a 30 year strategy to collapse the United States.

You cannot build their globalist New World Order until after they reduce to ashes the existing Constitutional order. To use a real estate analogy you can’t build new until you have leveled and cleaned the lot from the old. It is no different with national polotics. Canada is well on their way toward destruction and Mexico is already there by virtuer of their third world nation status. Central America is thisr and fourth worlsd status and why the invasion is using them anlong with integrating criminal and jihadi elenments from around the globe.

This is Alpha-Man is affirming that he will fix what the past 30 years of globalist rule in our Country refused to do. This was no oversight or kicking the can down the road. Since George HW Bush who virtually became President after the failed deep state assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan; and every president since then ending with Barack Hussein Obama, the globalist agenda was transforming the United States into a socialist regime legislatively and judicially.

These evil and corrupt politicians, lawyers and judges were setting the statge for the ‘checkmate’ of the completion of the fundamental transformation of the United States into a European style dystopia whose aim is to destroy Western Civilization in oreder to erect their exhaulted New World Order. Many simply refuse to believe just how close to the precipice we came to extinguishing our Constitutional Republic and the rule of law. This is evidenced by the deterioration of California, Michigan, Oregon, Illinois, and New York as some of the worst managed states in the Union. Those are not the only states but easily the most corrupt.

President Trump is illustrating what the design of our new border wall is going to look like. A 30 foot Bollard Wall with an anti-climbing feature will be constructed and installed along our Southern Border. This is certainly not an eye-sore and despite the claims of the fake news propagandists and the lying demonrats, there are significant stretches of wall already constructed and the photo is evidence of more fake news reporting.

Sleep well America … WE … WILL … HAVE … OUR … BORDER … WALL!

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