Obama-Kerry Treachery Exposed on BOMBSHELL AudioTape

Obama-Kerry Treachery Exposed on BOMBSHELL AudioTape
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Deep State Globalist Traitor John Kerry EXPOSED on audio tape meeting with Syrian revolutionaries and UN operatives. Secretary of State (SOS) Kerry advances the Obama plot hatched in 2013 for ISIS to destabilize the Middle East to advance the globalist agenda.

The purpose of this meeting is in part to lay the groundwork for a natural gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe. To achieve this end it must laid through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, and Turkey ending in Bulgaria. The problem is Syria and its strong relationship with Russia. Both Syria and Russia vehemently object.

Russia and Syria are both staunchly nationalist and must therefore be demonized by the globalists and their allies the fake news propaganda media. The pipeline is of little concern to the West but must be used as the catalyst to justify war with Syria which means World War III with Russia, the end game for the globalist scheme of a new world order.

John Kerry tried to advance the case for war with Syria to Congress but failed. There was no way Congress would approve the use of force where American interests were not at stake. Secretary of State Kerry confessed during the meeting, “I lost the argument for use of force in Syria.”

Obama armed ISIS to destabilize the Middle East and remove Assad from power. Therefore the deep state globalist needed a ruse and false flag strategies to depose Assad. If you recall in 2013 the deep state globalist traitors orchestrated a false flag chemical weapons attack in an attempt to justify hatred for Assad and Russia to justify military intervention by the US. Such tactics were discussed in this audio.

There was a second false flag chemicals weapons attack under the Trump administration early in his Presidency. There was an orchestrated effort which continues today to have President Trump removed from power via a ‘soft’ coup d’état that America has been suffering through for the last two years.

The tape was recorded at the Dutch Mission to the United Nations on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly according to Angel North, the You Tube channel that posted the entire audio tape, a copy of which is provided in References below.

They report, “The audio gives a glimpse into what goes on outside official meetings. Note that it represents the US narrative and not necessarily the entire true narrative.”

In face the criminal Obama regime has often used such lies and deception when advancing their agenda to ‘Fundamentally Transform’ the United States of America from a Constitutional Republic into a Globalist Totalitarian Fascist State. This explains what we are seeing today and why globalists are enraged with the Trump withdrawal from Syria and Afghanistan.

We see the rogue elements of globalist Generals Mattis and Kelley removed from the Trump Administration for their support of war with Syria which is war with Russia. Currently National Security Adviser John Bolton is also going rogue in his meetings with Turkey and upcoming meeting with Israel to discuss troop withdrawals from Syria.

Having Bolton discuss troop withdrawals with Israel, who is dead set against the US withdrawal, is akin to asking a drug addict to guard the pharmacy, an absolute non-starter.

This audio tape was initially leaked to the New York Times in late September, 2016 which only transcribed portions of the tape. CNN is the actual source of the tape used by Angel North that CNN posted to their website October 1, 2016. CNN has subsequently removed the audiotape from their website and archives. My, what a surprise.

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