Trump on Border Impasse: A Crisis of the Heart & Soul of America

Trump on Border Impasse: A Crisis of the Heart & Soul of America
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President Donald J Trump gave his first Oval Office address since becoming President on January 8, 2019. His speech was succinct, powerful and said our Southern border situation is, “A crisis of the heart, a crisis of the soul.”

His tone was somber as he spoke to the American people with respect, empathy and urgency. Unlike past presidents, he addressed the American people intellectually as equals and foregone the usual platitudes of past presidents.

He presented us with the facts on why we need $5.7 Billion now for border security, an amount less than 1/10 of 1% of the federal budget. He also spoke directly to the demonrats who are refusing to fund any money toward border security. Their reasons are not financial, nor are they ‘moral’ as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi would have us believe.

President Trump Address on Southern Border Crisis

Our nation’s security is under siege and it is confounding why the demonrats are so adamantly opposed to funding our national security need. They deny a border crisis exists, but that is utterly ludicrous as any informed mind immediately perceives. Their anti national security stance is utterly mind numbing.

Heck, the day before the speech the fake news propaganda media was going ballistic calling President Trump a liar even before they knew what he was going to say. The demonrats and propaganda media ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ has millions of people abandoning them as a party and source of news and flocking to the new media platforms for information.

The Schumer, Pelosi rebuttal was a cardboard cutout comedy act. It appeared they were fully expecting a Trump declaration of a national emergency, and when President Trump did not declare one they both became deers in the headlights. Any deviation from their teleprompter script exposes them as the buffoons they are. They had a panicked demeanor and that was not solely due to forced impromptu.

The demonrat and media agenda is globalism over Americanism. What remains a mystery to many is why they adamantly refuse to fund border security. What possible motives could drive them to embrace crime, drugs, violent attacks on citizens, encouraging undocumented children and adults illegally invading our border?

For those who are woke, this is not so great a mystery. Pedophilia, child sex-trafficking, luciferian blood rituals using children, destruction of western civilization to make room for globalism are all in play. The stuff they like to call ‘conspiracy theory’ is in reality conspiracy fact and those they refer to ‘theorists’ are in fact analysts.

UPDATE: The Pelosi-Schumer meeting with Trump earlied today did not go well at all. President Trump ended the meeting minutes after it began. Not surprised. The only question is how long before a National Emergency is declared.

Keep those mobile phone on for Presidential Alerts. We may all be getting one shortly. Border security is national security and non-negotiable. The wall must go up ASAP. Another invasion force headed our way.


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