President Trump Endorses Luther Strange in AL Primary Race

President Trump Endorses Luther Strange in AL Primary Race
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President Donald trump endorsed incumbent Luther Strange (R-AL) for the Special Election Primary for the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions when he accepted the US Attorney General position. Former Governor Robert Bentley (R-AL) appointed Luther Strange to the US Senate immediately after Jeff Sessions was confirmed Attorney General.

The August 15th primary is next Tuesday and the field of nine is being led by Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore who leads Strange and third place candidate Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL) according to recent polls. Representative Mo Brooks was a central person in the attempted assassination of Steve Scalise at the softball field this past June by coming to the aid of Scalise.

Mo Brooks has a 94% Heritage score in the House and is a very strong conservative. Probably the reason President Trump is not endorsing him. Luther Strange has a short voting record in the Senate and difficult to score in terms of trends and reliability in supporting traditional republican planks. Luther Strange is a pro-life, fiscal conservative but endorsed by RINO Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the Senate Majority Leader.

Not only is McConnell endorsing Strange, he is through the Senate Leadership Fund (SLF), a super PAC strongly allied with McConnell, pouring millions into the special election. McConnell also attacked Mo Brooks a staunch conservative running against Strange. This in my opinion casts a dark shadow over Strange and leads me to believe he is GOPe.

Chief Justice Roy Moore is a staunch conservative and anything but an activist judge who properly lambasts the slime machine Mitch McConnell as a swamp creature President Trump has vowed to drain. Very strange and disturbing to see Trump supporting Strange over Roy Moore and Mo Brooks, both of whom are superior candidates to Luther Strange for the Senate.

Chances are pretty good that this race will be decided via a runoff unless the Trump endorsement can turn it around. A poll released on Monday has Roy Moore leading with 30% of the vote with Luther Strange in second place at 22% followed by Mo Brooks with 19%. Mo Brooks also seems to be making a push in these last few weeks that may ice out Strange. The endorsement appears to want to keep Strange alive for the runoff.

Was this endorsement done to cut a deal with RINO turncoat McConnell who recently maneuvered the Senate to prevent Trump from making a recess appointment without confirmation? Why Trump insists on a bromance with those who want to see him removed as President in mind boggling. If there is no deal I must scratch my head in bewilderment at this endorsement.

We’ll keep our ear to the ground on this one. There have been too many RINO GOPe candidates winning the primary and special elections so far. At this rate the swamp is being re-stocked, not drained. I do not support the President Trump endorsement.


Article: Trump Endorses Luther Strange in AL Senate Race

Article: Trump Endorses Luther Strange in Alabama Senate Election

Video: Roy Moore Ad Ripped McConnell ‘Slime Machine’ Campaign Ad

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