Globalist Treachery on the Trump Team?

Globalist Treachery on the Trump Team?
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Bad Actors Aligned Against TrumpThere is no hiding the fact that President Donald Trump has globalist establishment on his team that are party to the coup d’état against he and America. Yes, President Trump and his team are being maligned as targets of the LameStream Media. The 17 Intelligence Community (IC) agencies is replete with bad actors led by FBI Director, James Comey and NSA Director, Admiral Michael Rogers both of whom must be replaced yesterday.

Now that Mike Pompeo has assumed his role as CIA Director who is bringing in his leadership team, rogue elements in the CIA are certainly walking more gingerly. His work however is still cut out for him in conducting “mole hunt” sting operations that must persist as a perpetual project. Nonetheless, the dismantling of the CIA must continue and have Pompeo lead the NSA.

Michael Flynn was victimized by the lies and illegal spying and must be reinstated to serve America. Goodness if there is anyone guilty of cutting deals with Russia its Obama, Clinton and democrats. Flynn can head the CIA dismantling so Mike Pompeo can move to lead the NSA.

James Mattis - Jeff SessionsFrom my perspective the two big presidential disappointments are James “Mad Dog” Mattis as Secretary of Defense and Jeff Sessions, Attorney General. A red flag got raised with me during the Mattis confirmation hearing and confirmed since his assumption as Secretary of Defense.

General Mattis is the soldier’s soldier and his military skill, acumen and leadership are above reproach. However, who he takes his marching orders from is not. Secretary Mattis is a globalist loyal to the cabal and central bankers plan to launch us into global conflicts to instigate WW3. That coincides with a structured economic and currency collapse by the Fed in concert with key international central banks, the World Bank and IMF.

Germany and the insolvent Deutsche Bank may likely be ground zero and the first domino to fall initiating a global cascade of bank failures; the collapse of worldwide currencies; catastrophic failure of international economies; and WW3. The initial plan of the cabal was a full frontal assault on Russia but the plan needed to pivot to North Korea, the Chinese puppet; or Iran as instigator.

Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump, Brexit and the worldwide nationalist uprising in rejection of globalism sent the cabal reeling and needing time to reconstitute their plans. Thanks to the delay tactics of globalist establishment bad actors Chuck Schumer, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Jill Stein who filled in for senile Nancy Pelosi, the globalist quickly pivoted to an alternate plan. War is indeed a highly fluid situation.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is the second major disappointment. It started with his recusal from anything connected to the false and fabricated Russian hacking narrative. He has failed in his duty to America by his unconscionable recusal and is like Flynn … out of the game. He needs to serve America as Attorney General and engage in this soft coup d’état and assault on America. If there is any means to ‘un-recuse’ oneself based upon false evidence coming forward now is the time to do so.

This Russian false flag was planted years ago and was intended to escalate during the 2016 presidential campaigns and crescendo during the Clinton presidency. The press was to fan the flames while the IC continued to leak fuel into the fire. The lamestream media’s role was to whip up public support for war with Russia with fake news while Hillary Clinton goes full throttle after Russia to start WW3. Oh the best laid plans of mice and men.

Furthermore, Jeff Session could and should be well into the process of indictments for the pedophiles and child sex traffickers and that is what should be dominating the news headlines. Don’t kid yourself; pedophilia and child sex trafficking this is what takes the cabal and globalists out of the game. This is what puts them in prison for a very long time. So why is this not happening?

Could it be AG Sessions is sympathetic to pedophilia? Not on your life! I’m convinced he is as loathed and disgusted by it as President Trump. Could it be Jeff Sessions is reticent to file charges against his close friends and associates involved in pedophilia? Possibly, but every ounce of my being is repulsed by that thought.

Deep State Roots Run Deep

What remains except Jeff Sessions he’s been gotten to? The Deep State and the Cabal tentacles run deep. Is this the reason Sessions is walking back the case or leaving it to die on the vine? With James Comey heading the FBI, there will be no investigation into anything that will hurt the Clinton’s; high ranking democrats or the cabal. He lied to Congress in hearings this week and needs to go now. Comey is party to the soft coup.

If any of the above be true, Jeff Sessions is not fit to serve as Attorney General and must be asked to step down by President Trump. When friendships or fear enable satanists to continue in their reprobate ways all respect and compassion dissolves. Nothing should stand in the path of justice for those who bring vile harm, ruin and often death to our children, the innocent victims of debauchery. If none of these reflect reality, then Jeff Sessions must make a statement to justify his delay, for he is wholly without excuse based on evidence in possession of NYPD.

The NYPD is beside themselves with their gag order to not proceed with arrests based upon the voluminous evidence contained in the Anthony Weiner laptop. NYPD is convinced they have more than ample evidence to garner convictions. Rumor has it that leaks are forthcoming and if that’s what it takes to balance the scales of justice then so be it. If that is what it takes to motivate Sessions, then be gone! Your support clock is ticking down and about to expire. Jeff Sessions, time to take off the gloves for we need to see DC arrests now.


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