Please Clean House Mr. President!

Please Clean House Mr. President!
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If America is to get on the ‘Campaign Promise’ track, President Trump will need to remove his Obama/Hillary and Bill Clinton picks advising him. So far foreign policies seem to be an extension of far-left Obama globalist policies.

In addition Republicans in Congress must opt for a change in leadership by replacing RINO Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell with nationalists who believe in implementing the agenda America voted for in 2016.

American PoliticsUnless The Donald wants his legacy to be ‘Lying Trump’ and ‘Fake President’ I suggest he get advisors to reflect his campaign promises. America is fed up with republican candidates who ‘campaign right’ only to ‘govern left’.  Is our alleged ‘DC Outsider’ Trump really draining the swamp or becoming one of its creatures?

Unlike President Ronald Reagan, President Trump is not driving his campaign agenda with Congress. In fact he stated that he was ‘happy’ with the abominable Ryan budget deal and is pleased to sign it. WOW! Now this is a big problem when the President doesn’t seem to care that the budget guts his campaign promises and betrays all Americans who voted for him.

Should he not be livid or at least a little upset? Quite the contrary for he is actually gloating and proclaiming victory with this budget deal if you can believe that. Trump is calling on Homeland Security Secretary and globalist John Kelly along with his Office of Management and Budget Director RINO-globalist Mick Mulvaney who together made the White House’s most forceful case yet that the bipartisan budget deal amounted to a ‘major win’ for the White House and a loss for Democrats. Really?

A major win? How can anybody with an ounce of intellect call the budget betrayal a major win for the While House? I have to change my position that Mick Mulvaney is a conservative for clearly he is globalist and RINO with a statement like that.

Why are they proclaiming that a win? For all the globalist war-hawks that coopted President Trump, that’s why. They are gloating for they probably could not have done much better had Hillary Clinton won the election. To hell with the Trump agenda, we’re getting what we want with Trump so they seem to be saying.

When Trump sends out two RINO globalists, John Kelly, Director Homeland Security and Mick Mulvaney to push back on the democrat ‘gloating victory’ for it is, we know we’re now in serious trouble with the alleged nationalist President Donald J Trump.  Think we’ll have to downgrade Trump as a globalist RINO.

What else can you say when you claim a devastating loss as a victory? We’ve been had yet again America.

If Trump is to redeem himself he’ll need to start outing all the far-left globalists on his team … and there are many. In fact, 63% of his Cabinet and 77% of the Principles Committee of the NSC advisory teams are GOPe, RINO or globalists. It’s the old ‘not as I say but as I do’ evidence of hypocrisy.

2017 Cabinet Positions

2017 National Security Council

Here’s what we the people need to do to hold President Trump’s feet to the fire. First off repent from your ‘messiah complex’ that Trump is only good and that whatever he does must be good because he’s Trump and ‘I voted for him’ nonsense. We do not need another ‘emperor’ like Obama.

Based upon the lists above, at a minimum all the globalists need to be removed and replaced with conservative nationalists’ personnel to guarantee America stays out of instigating WW3. Global war and an economic and currency collapse of the developed western nations is a lynchpin of the globalist agenda.

Should their agenda be implemented through the Trump administration he can kiss good-bye any delusion of being a two-term President. Nationalist and traditional Americans will push to primary Trump in 2020 unless he repents in 2017 of his globalist embrace.

Paul Ryan Clown

Speaker Paul Ryan is a Clown to be Replaced

Mitch McConnell Clown

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell is a clown to be replaced

One thing is clear. Only RINO and globalist voices are whispering in President Trump’s ear. With this RINO-globalist Congressional leadership team of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell in place President Trump is guaranteed to never have the Trump agenda that America voted for implemented.

Both these congressional clowns must be removed if there is to be any hope for America. With clowns to his left and jokers to the right if Trump is truly stuck in the middle with us then he needs to get serious about unsticking us from this clownland circus.

We’ll do our part to see Ryan and McConnell are replaced with a legitimate vote for Speaker and Senate Majority take place. We will not tolerate another debacle like when Ryan was ‘appointed’ by Reince Priebus the then RNC Chair. The vote was a mockery.

New Speaker Candidates

We have several legitimate candidates for Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader. Let’s begin with candidates for House Speaker: Mark Meadows, (R-NC) or Louie Gohmert (R-TX). While many consider Daniel Webster, (R-FL) a viable candidate I do not support him on the basis of he being a career politician since 1980.

Mark Meadows, (R-NC): Representative for North Carolina’s 11th congressional district since January 2013 and Chair of the Freedom Caucus. A solid Constitutionalist and America First Conservative who signed the 10 plank platform Contract from America. A strong anti-terrorism person who introduced legislation to prevent financing terror activities through front organizations and those seeking taxpayer dollars that end up supporting terror activities. A fiscal conservative; flat-tax proponent; strong 2nd Amendment supporter refusing any government registration of guns and gun-owners; proponent for energy development on and off-shore; anti-obamacare; anti-same-sex marriage; pro-life; and advocate for states’ rights and the abolishment of unconstitutional federal acts and programs.

Louie Gohmert (R-TX): Representative from Texas’s 1st congressional district and challenger to reckless RINO John Boehner for the position of Speaker of the House in 2015. He is pro-life, pro 2nd Amendment, fiscal conservative who opposes the man-made climate change mantra as pseudo-science. He supports have the Muslim Brotherhood classified as a terrorist organization and is strongly opposed to radical Islamic terror.

New Senate Majority Leader Candidates

We also have viable candidates in the Senate to replace RINO Mitch McConnell. James Risch, (R-ID); Michael Enzi, (R-WY); Tim Scott, (R-SC); Ted Cruz, (R-TX); Chuck Grassley, (R-IA); or Mike Lee, (R-UT). Now here are my top 3 picks for Senate Majority Leader.

Tim Scott, (R-SC): The junior Senator for South Carolina, Scott was appointed to the Senate in 2013 when then Governor Nikki Haley selected him to the vacated seat of Jim DeMint. Scott is a fiscal and social conservative endorsed for the Senate by Tea Party groups. He opposes Obamacare, earmarks, and increasing the federal debt limit without a provision for a balanced budget amendment. He is pro-life; opposed to same-sex marriage and a very strong advocate to stop illegal immigration and to make English the official language of America.

Mike Lee, (R-UT): The Senator from Utah since 2011 is a fiscal and mostly social conservative endorsed by Tea Party groups. He is one of two republicans strongly opposed to expanding the Patriot Act spying ability and its seizure of any tangible items in the course of surveillance and one of 7 Senators opposed to the abominable Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell NDAA bill which robs liberty and free speech rights of private citizens signed into law by Obama during the horrific lame-duck period after the Trump election victory. He joined RINO republicans and democrats in advancing social security rather than reforming it.

Chuck Grassley, (R-IA): The senior Senator from Iowa since 1981 and the current chairman of the Judiciary Committee. He previously served in the US House of Representatives (1975–1981) and the Iowa state legislature (1959–1974) and Senate Finance Committee where he spearheaded many probes to expose abusive and criminal acts. He also is a strong advocate for curbing sex trafficking and sex slavery in the US though his means to ‘regulate’ prostitution by requiring pimps to issue W-2s to prostitutes is questionable. His progressive taxation policy for ex-patriots is alarming but his proposal to reinstitute criminal penalties for flag-burning is refreshing. He is anti-obamacare; pro 2nd Amendment; anti-weaponization of EPA and IRS abuse; pro-life; and introduced whistle-blower protection act, a vital legislation to hold government accountable when legalized ‘secrecy’ limits accountability.

I am a strong advocate for Tim Scott to be Senate Majority Leader. My preference is for Mark Meadows to be House Speaker but believe the demonization of the LameStream ‘Fake News’ Media has poisoned the waters for that probability. Louie Gohmert is equally as strong and the more likely candidate for Speaker because his well has not been poisoned … at least not yet … by the far-left democrats, media and RINOs.


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