$1T Budget Betrayal: Ryan, McConnell and RINOs Must Go

$1T Budget Betrayal: Ryan, McConnell and RINOs Must Go
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Paul Ryan ClownMitch McConnell ClownPaul Ryan has demonstrated himself time after time as an inept Speaker of the House and ditto Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader. They are failing as Republicans leaders and cannot adequately manage majority positions and have failed miserably as opposition party when democrats led.

My goodness it seems like the democrats are the majority party, but then again that’s what you get with RINO: Republican In Name Only. I believe both parties have imploded and both parties are completely out of touch with the bulk of Americans. The two party system is dead.

Will someone please tell these two republican buffoons that America did not vote for their national agenda, they voted for the Donald Trump agenda. Paul Ryan won a local election to get them into the House of Representatives and Mitch McConnell won a state-wide election to the Senate. Neither one has the right to set the national agenda.

The republican leadership is not just RINO, they are globalists and there was indeed an election mandate against the globalism agenda in the 2016 Presidential Election. Somebody also needs to remind Donald trump of that fact as well.

What audacity for the republicans to NOT PROVIDE ANY FUNDING

… Not 1¢ For A Southern Border Wall!!!


  1. Sanctuary Cities … Fully Funded. Let’s have a crime fest.
  2. Planned Parenthood … Fully Funded. Hear there will be some good discounts on baby parts this year.
  3. EPA … Fully Funded. Perhaps we can shut off some farmer’s irrigation water for a lonely 2” fish that needs it more.
  4. Obamacare … Not Repealed & Fully Funded. Does it matter most do not have access to healthcare but hey, everybody’s covered. Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway?
  5. Refugee Resettlement Program … Fully Funded. Bring them all in; we can afford it for rapes were down this year.
  6. Visas from the 6 Islam Terror Nations … Fully Funded. It could have gone UNFUNDED to oppose and stick it to the radical activist judicial coup d’état but nah, we love getting assaulted.
  7. Fully Funding the radical groups advocating and funding street violence. It’s gives some on the right opportunity to get pepper sprays and help the economy by buying helmets and eye goggles for rallies.
  8. Puerto Rico $296B Bailout for mismanaging their Medicaid Program. Nobody here in need of money, not after the Obama years of plenty.
  9. A $990M INCREASE for Africa’s Food for Peace Program. Eating for peace, hey that’s a new one.
  10. Increases too many programs President Trump want to eliminate like Green Energy and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. What a few billion to blow on useless programs. Be generous.
  11. Increase to the Federal Judiciary so they can have more judicial coup d’état funding. Now they can hire consultants to see what new laws can be ignored or twisted.
  12. And let’s not forget California’s high speed rail system that everybody pays for except California.

Ryan-McConnellGet on the phone to you Congressmen in the House and Senate and let them know this is not what we voted for. Any republican voting for this democrat budget plan MUST be challenged come the mid-term elections in 2018. I am beside myself with this level of corruption and nonsense!

How dare these RINO republicans pull this on us again?

Enough! Pitchforks and Torches is what we need to bring to DC. A wise man told me something profound many years ago that rings true and always has. You only have to tolerate that which you tolerate.

If you tolerate betrayal you get betrayed. If you tolerate violence you get attacked violently. If you tolerate theft you get robbed. You only have to tolerate the things you tolerate.

I’m not tolerating this political nonsense from the Republican Party or the socialism and communism from the Democrat Party. They can both go to hell!

I don’t know if a third or fourth party is the answer or not. What I do know is this two party system has failed America. Out with republicans and out with democrats. It’s time for a political revolution but not before we lambaste those who have usurped and abused their power and abused the citizenship.

It’s time for these swamp creatures, and yes, they are all swamp creatures to be the recipient of some abuse. So politicians, as you walk from and go to work, keep looking over your shoulder … your constituents are looking for you and want answers. We the people greatly outnumber you and we are coming for you and will not leave empty-handed. We will get what was promised one way or another.

You betrayed us for the last time. Sucks to be you.


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