Swamp Creature Mueller Undeterred by Facts

Swamp Creature Mueller Undeterred by Facts
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Deep State operative Robert Mueller doubles down in desperate attempt to resurrect the imaginary Russian investigation. What a shameful attempt at a last ditch effort to depose of President Trump. The concern now is his destruction of evidence that implicates himself, Comey, the DNC, Obama and his regime including Hillary Clinton and her Foundation.

Doing the right thing by terminating far-left operative Robert Mueller will have the guilty parties screaming bloody murder and their corporate propaganda arm exploding with more fake news stories from imaginary sources.

The far-left democrats cannot let this Russian narrative go away for when it does all they have left is obstruction. Obstruction of Justice to hide their crimes and political obstruction to prevent the Trump agenda from being implemented.

The only agenda of the leftist globalists is the destruction of nationalism to be replaced by globalism. Donald Trump was never supposed to win and he is single-handedly tearing down their totalitarian stronghold and oppression of the US Constitution, individual liberty, and economic vitality.

Will firing Robert Mueller be any worse than President Trump firing James Comey because he was ‘getting too close’ with his Russian investigation? Did not the very testimony of Comey and all the heads of the Intelligence Community (IC) utterly refute any Russian collusion by President Trump and his team?

In fact Newt Gingrich is calling for the immediate dissolution of the special counsel for the Russian Investigation on the grounds that it was based on Comey’s ‘manipulation’ – calling it ‘poisoned fruit’ and Newt is spot-on. All this sedition and treason must warrant a special prosecutor/counsel to gather evidence and this person must not be from the system they will be investigating.

This Russian nonsense has gone too far already and this is now in the realm of sedition and treason. We’ve gone far beyond politics. The sole purpose is to distract America with chasing the ‘boogie-man’ rather than pursuing real crimes. Mueller is probably hoping to destroy all evidence of his collusion with Russia through Obama and Clinton in the stolen Uranium deal.

Investigating the Seth Rich murder remains in the closet for it was he, not Russia who provided evidence of election fraud by the DNC to WikiLeaks. The murders of Sean Lucas and John Ashe, an ex-UN Official who “accidentally” crushed his own throat and died a week before he was scheduled to testify against Hillary Clinton, her Foundation, the DNC and the democrat party deserve an investigation, no?

Spy in the Sky

20 Million Americans spied upon and unmasked under Obama regime

There is an active lawsuit against James Comey, Barack Hussein Obama and the democrat criminal enterprise for spying and unmasking 20 Million American citizens in the DC court being heard by Judge Richard J Leon. The evidence was provided to James Comey who ‘sat on it’ and did nothing.

There is a significant risk that Mueller may try to destroy as much of the evidence that proves the Russian myth, the perversion of justice, crimes and cover-ups by the FBI under Comey and Mueller. It appears that the last two FBI Directors may be facing criminal charges and Mueller is in a position of ‘damage control’ and he must not be allowed to continue in this capacity. Obama and Clinton operatives represent around 90% of the deep state and shadow government.

It is vital the FBI spend inordinate efforts to protect its servers and data from a ‘cyberattack’ and ‘cyberwarfare’ that may compromise its data. The risk of loss has never been greater. WikiLeaks is keeping us fed with the absolute lethal cyber-tools the CIA has at its disposal to corrupt and destroy data.

Robert Mueller is equally liable with James Comey to possible investigations and litigation for any crimes and cover-ups they may have perpetrated in their roles as past FBI directors. In countering the doubling down of Robert Mueller concerning the debunked false flag of Russian collusion, Marc Kasowitz, Chief Legal Counsel to President Trump has brought Jay Sekulow to his legal team.

This is a welcome addition for how do you fight against the hiring of a special counsel where nobody can articulate any crime being committed? To call it a ‘witch hunt is the understatement of the century.

I believe a case should be brought against the bad actors in our own government including politicians for sedition and treason for seeking to topple our constitutional government. It appears Representative Louis Gohmert (R-TX) agrees.

Gohmert stated on Fox News’ America’s News HQ, “At best, it was an attempt to manipulate the election, not by the Russians in this case, but by the Department of Justice … the Attorney General herself because that came from Comey…” Gohmert goes on to say, “I’ll tell you that we need to round up all those people that he (James Comey) talked to because we have a conspiracy remaining afoot in the Department of Justice that is going to be out to destroy this President and they got to be fired if not worse.”

Gohmert is absolutely correct. Concerning the Comey ‘memo’ he prepared for President Trump he was predisposed to distrust President Trump for his campaign promise to ‘Drain the Swamp’ and this probably put Comey on high alert. He certainly did not create any memo when Loretta Lynch interfered with the election and had Comey obstruct justice which he did.

The federal government has dwarfed corruption and can and should be prosecuted as a criminal enterprise under RICO laws for the massive conspiracy to overthrow our constitutional form of government with the propaganda lamestream media providing cover. It is unfortunate that the corporate media has entered the realm of criminal sedition and resembles that of NAZI Germany’s propaganda under Joseph Goebbels than it does a free press.

This nonsense must be put down immediately by dissolving the special counsel on Russian collusion and appointing several new special counsel to gather evidence on the crimes of sedition, treason, murder, spying and unmasking of 20M private citizens that were specifically targeted and not caught up incidentally in foreign spying.

The depth and breadth of the criminal enterprise over the last quarter century must be purged and prosecuted if we are to restore any semblance of justice in America. The era of those in power being above the law must come to an end. Purge Predatorial Government Now!

Yes it will be ugly but to do it not is uglier.


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