Anti-Sharia Protest in Richardson Texas

Anti-Sharia Protest in Richardson Texas
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Anti-Sharia Rally in Richardson, Texas

On Saturday June 10, 2017 several hundred Texans descended upon Richardson to rally against the brutality and incompatibility of Sharia law in the United States. There were some far-left counter protesters who came to disrupt and try to silence the common sense measures of no Sharia but their noise was drowned in the sea of patriot voices.

While the far-left promised violence and delivered such in Houston, Austin and other liberal cities across the United States there was none to be found in Richardson, Texas. One reason was the organized police presence to control the situation and the other was at least ⅓ of the patriots expressed their 2nd Amendment right to openly bear arms.

There were several patriot groups present like the III%, Oath Keepers, Bikers for Trump and many others who were committed to see that there would be no violence to silence free-speech and no flag-burning. It worked for there was none. I thank the men and women who showed the true colors and spirit of America!

Sharia law has been illustrating its inhumane practice of female genital mutilation in America hat over half a million women and girls in the United States are now either victims or at risk of this barbaric practice. Sharia law and Islam speaks openly that assimilation into any culture of a host nation is impossible for it is forbidden under Sharia. The stated goal of Islam is domination not assimilation.

The tragedy of this barbaric practice is US government denial and why ACT for America is committed to exposing the savagery to America through these peaceful rallies. That is why the far-left must oppose by any means necessary for truth is their enemy.

Bridgette GabrielThe James Comey hearing this past Thursday illustrated just how corrupt the media and government has become and why Bridgette Gabriel, the founder of ACT is bringing this message to the streets. “The leftist Islamic coalition is waging a war against the rule of law,” say Bridgette Gabrielle, founder of ACT for America and rally sponsor.

As long as the leftists and globalists continue to demand open-borders and the destruction of the American culture through reckless immigration that prevents proper vetting from violent Islamic nations, marches like the one in Richardson, Texas must continue on a regular basis. Female genital mutilation is a crime in the United States yet there has not been little to no prosecutions. Why is that?

These barbaric procedures are done in secret and for reason it is near impossible to ascertain the precise number of victims. We need authorities to arrange visual inspections for those at-risk girls and women by medical practitioners who can provide a more accurate read on this form of viciousness.

Please promote this discussion and awareness campaign on your social media pages, groups and forums. We cannot trust the government or media to report honestly on the tragedy befalling America. It once again depends upon the voices of patriots the shed light upon this dark, evil practice.


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