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Mike Patriot has been active in politics for more than two decades as a blogger, activist and delegate. He is passionate about restoring our Constitutional Republic and seeks to dramatically work to reduce the size of the federal government, end the fiat currency imposed by the foreign central bankers and to restore economic sanity to federal governance.
The War for Our Survival is On!
0 comments, 10/07/2017, by in Islam

I first wrote this article the day after the San Bernardino massacre by terrorists on December 2, 2015. These terrorists legally immigrated to the United States and were fully ‘vetted’ by the Obama regime. A newspaper publisher picked up that article and published it in their January, 2016 e... Read more...

Anti-Sharia Protest in Richardson Texas
0 comments, 10/06/2017, by in Islam

On Saturday June 10, 2017 several hundred Texans descended upon Richardson to rally against the brutality and incompatibility of Sharia law in the United States. There were some far-left counter protesters who came to disrupt and try to silence the common sense measures of no Sharia but their n... Read more...

Obama Ordered NSA-GCHQ to Spy on Trump
0 comments, 15/03/2017, by in Politics

The more we investigate into the spying on President Trump the worse it gets. It seems there were multiple agencies spying on then candidate Donald Trump ... foreign and domestic! The evil of the Obama regime keeps increasing exponentially. There were two FISA requests, one denied and the second ... Read more...

Get a Good Whiff of FBI Director Comey
0 comments, 09/03/2017, by in Politics

Sure you want this guy leading an intelligence and investigation agency with access to the plethora of surveillance tools? If you’re not sure check out the references below from his Boston Conference on Cyber Security speech at Boston College on March 8, 2017 and why the impeachment drums were bea... Read more...