The States Are America’s Most Disenfranchised

The States Are America’s Most Disenfranchised
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XVII Boots State Gov from Senate

What a shocking Revelation. Of all the groups in America vying for disenfranchised status (code word for special status, federal protection and tax dollars) it is indeed shocking when we find it is not any of the classic cultural minorities. It’s not racial minorities like Black, Hispanic or Muslim; not religious minorities like Buddhist or Hindu; nor any special interest group like Homosexuals, Women, Transgender or the Handicapped.

It’s the States, that’s right, the state governments and their individual residents under the oppressive boot of the federal government are the most disenfranchised in America.

Why are you shaking your head and smirking? Let’s examine how and why the States have become disenfranchised. It all goes back to the same culprits we see today trying to push this nation over the precipice of  economic stability into decimation … The Statist far-left globalists’ and their “damn the torpedoes” push for their New World Order (NWO).

The death knell of capitalism is perpetually being hammered away at as we speak. The shocker to these folks is that our economic system is so highly resilient and strongly developed that even 100 year’s tinker-tanker to collapse have not succeeded.

Prior to Obamacare, 1913 was the most disastrous year in legislative history. There were three disastrous events, two simultaneous designed to pave the road to socialism and globalism: The XVI and XVII Amendments to the Constitution. The third event that year was the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in the dead of night on that fateful Christmas Eve when most of Congress returned home for the holiday.

That trilogy of legislative terror launched America into a fateful tailspin that were it not for the election of President Donald John Trump would culminate in economic, political and governmental ruin. Here’s how it happened.

The XVII Amendment was the elimination of the major obstacle to the creation of the “Socialist Beast” … the State’s interests being represented by the Senate. The XVI Amendment was the means by which the newly created socialist beast would feed itself … the income tax which over time greatly expanded itself via regulations by the IRS into areas of taxation never authorized by the Constitution or the XVI Amendment.

The Federal Reserve Act created the Central Bank, The Fed, by usurping control over our nation’s currency and the path to replace our gold-backed currency to a fiat and debt based currency that robbed America of her wealth and replaced our assets with an IOU that can probably never be repaid.

The Statists Globalists overtly called themselves Progressives back then for their goal was to progress beyond the confines of the US Constitution and limited power of the federal government. The statist progressives openly campaigned for greater power, bigger federal government than the Constitution authorized.

The Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson progressive era did much harm to the US Constitution. When the voters finally awoke to the progressive power grab, the progressives and their movement went underground. Their defeat was so resounding they needed to change their name to Liberal and operate in stealth mode to once again advance their progressive agenda.

Their tactic now became a long-term incremental strategy. America soundly rejected progressives and their globalist agenda in the early 19th Century for the same reason it is being rejected today … Americans will not tolerate their deranged socialist and one world governance vision for America. The left is running out of names to call themselves and I will not offer my suggestions for if I did, I’d lose my publication privileges due to obscene vulgarity.

History repeats itself a Century later. For the statist’s iniquitous plan to transfer power away from ‘We the People’ and the Sovereign States to a strong centralized federal government who would by default be the key power player for creating their beloved NWO, a one world globalist governance. Standing in their way was the powers of the state governments and the unlikely prospects of ever getting legislation through the Senate.

While the people barely pose a challenge to deceive, those whom the state Governors and Legislatures send to represent their state in the Senate are highly skilled and intelligent people not easily deceived or swayed. The Constitutional power of the states had to be forever diminished and removed. Progressives always believed that ‘we the people’ could easily be manipulated and our electoral system compromised but they knew not so with the Senate. The States are the impediment to the statist progressive’s grandiose scheme for globalism and global power and dominance. It was true then … it is true now.

The major mistake back then was when the people rejected the progressives and their agenda, the XVI, XVII Amendments and the Federal Reserve Act were left in place and never repealed. We can undue that mistake now or in the next mid-term election when we elect a non-globalist, non-establishment congress I’m now calling the Great Purge of 2018.

With both Amendments and the Fed in place the assault upon the people and the United States could occur incrementally time and time again until such time their mission is accomplished. Today is such time! The Obama regime did much harm to this nation and was the greatest criminal enterprise in American history.

We cannot hope to restore this government to its rightful place until the XVI and XVII Amendments are repealed along with the Federal Reserve Act. We must return to our Constitutional standard which allowed the States to be represented in our federal government and repeal all the laws passed that builds the NWO infrastructure.

Trump Turns Ship America AroundPresident Trump is making a dent in that, but with the GOPe running both houses of Congress, he is going to fall short unless we the people provide him with a new congress. It begins with the repeal of ObamaCare which the GOPe and democrat establishment refuse to do. We must then repeal Dodd-Frank regulations along with the XVI, XVII Amendments and the Federal Reserve Act.

The XVII amendment changed the Senate from a body to protect and preserve the States’ interests in the federal government. The States no longer have any representation in Congress and have no say in our federal government since the XVII Amendment was ratified on April 8, 1913.

We the people have our voice in Government through the House of Representatives. Later that year, on December 23, 1913 in the dead of night the Federal Reserve Act was passed as an Act of Congress that created and established the Federal Reserve System, the central banking system of the United States, that was specifically forbidden by our founders.

That Act created the authority to issue Federal Reserve Notes (now commonly known as the US Dollar) and Federal Reserve Bank Notes became legal tender. These reserve notes at that time were backed by gold meaning the holder of these notes could redeem them for actual, physical possession of gold. The Act was signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson, a staunch progressive democrat who violently opposed the restrictions imposed by the US Constitution. A precursor to Obama.

It is ironic that on that very same day in 2016 we saw another law signed into law by a globalist Islamic Emperor fraudulently serving as President of the United States. That law is called NDAA: National Defense Authorization Act that strips away the First Amendment rights of free speech, and legalized the Russian witch-hunt plaguing President Trump since its passage.

But I digress. Only through hindsight can we clearly see why. Since that dreadful year of 1913 when the Trilogy of Evil was passed into law: Amendments XVI, XVII and Federal Reserve System, do we see a systematic progression of laws and regulations enacted in diametric opposition the Constitution. Such evil legislation tramples upon the individual sovereignty of man and his God-ordained rights preserved and enshrined in the Constitution which was being shredded incrementally.

It absolutely shredded the Constitutional powers provided to State governance. The federal government power we see today was absolutely forbidden under the US Constitution for the wisdom of our forefathers knew full well absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The steady progression of expanding federal power beyond its Constitutional limits has created a Constitutional Crisis of such magnitude in 2017 that I fear a legislative remedy may be untenable. That is until the Donald J Trump was elected as 45th President of the United States. A glimmer of hoppe now exists where there once was none.

This perpetual “dripping” of laws was a continual erosion and encroachment upon powers and sovereignty of the individuals and the States. Federal legislation progressed beyond Constitutional limitations to the point where the federal government can demand all Americans purchase health insurance to remain citizens; and that investigative reporting that exposes tyranny, plunder and deceit by the federal government is now declared illegal and punishable by suppression, censorship, fines and incarceration as a result of the passage of NDAA. That law is an assault on internet and freedom of speech for it poses a threat to the globalist agenda.

December 23, 2016 is a date that now lives in American infamy. What a gross misinterpretation of the commerce clause to justify federal control over the healthcare industry by forcing all citizens to purchase health insurance … what a shameless and flagrant shredding of the First Amendment to strip away the inalienable right to free speech … what a gross intrusion and obliteration of Liberty. The Revolutionary Battle Cry of “No Taxation Without Representation” is the battle cry for the States and “Give Me Liberty or Give me Death” the cry of the American Patriot.

Federal government tyranny is so pervasive upon ‘we the people’ and the States that the passage of oppressive laws that impose “unfunded mandates” upon the states which is taxation without representation. Americans are forced purchases of an insurance product that falls outside the Constitutional enumerated powers of the federal government.

The passage of the NDAA and its “Ministry of Truth” is a Federal Media News Center that now grants government the right to penalize with impunity free speech on anything they do not like are now becoming commonplace events. Government is now writing the news that news outlets are required to distribute and report upon, and should they do it not, the federal government may shut you down. See what happens when States become disenfranchised? Federal Tyranny!

Now with State opposition out of the way, the Statist-globalists put in motion their plan to transform the United States of America into a socialist transnational globalist state. That came from judicial tyranny during the period of time we saw a vile change to our legal system that shifted away from Constitutional Law to Case Law.

This shift forces judges to rule based upon decisions and interpretations of statist progressive activist judges that deliberately move this nation incrementally away from Constitutional rule. Over time this rendered the US Constitution irrelevant for interpreting law. The “case law” standard mandates that rulings of the “collective judiciary over time” be primary consideration rather than measuring the constitutionality of each law passed using the US Constitution.

The US Constitution is degraded to a historical document, a museum relic to be displayed with honor but with greatly diminished legal standing. The Constitution no longer limits the federal government to its rightful place of enumerated powers because of case law.

The Supreme Court is weary to rule on this matter for the repercussions will be deep and far reaching. If it ruled properly, it will by fiat invalidate around the last 100 years of federal governance if it rules in favor of the States. If it rules in favor of the federal government it validates tyranny, socialism, globalism and the loss of liberty as the tenets of a new transnational globalist state where there are no limits to the power of the federal government.

ObamaCare passed the Supreme Court challenge because Chief Justice Roberts took the position it is a tax and within the confines of the governments powers. So paying money to an insurance company is a federal tax? All three branches of government are utterly corrupt and active participants in the violent coup d’état against the Executive Branch of government and America’s right to select the President of our choosing.

The passage of the Healthcare, Financial Reform laws and regulations and NDAA to name but three has fundamentally changed America into a socialist and transnational globalist state. Over 500 new agencies and departments were created to support a new infrastructure that will replace the old. A new system of socialist governance is now getting deeply rooted in America.

The states realize this and their only recourse now is via the legal system that is unfortunately based upon case law. Article V convection and the States coming together to submit resolutions to Congress for the repeal of these unconstitutional laws may be the last hope to stave off violent Revolution. The United States of America is in the greatest peril since her inception.

  • If we are to survive as a free nation the Constitution must reaffirm itself as the primary legal document and standard to govern the affairs of this nation;
  • Case law must be relegated to a secondary role and become subordinate to Constitutional Law;
  • Both the XVI and XVII Amendments must be repealed along with the Federal Reserve System,
  • The Fed, America’s Central Bank and IRS must be abolished;
  • Healthcare and Financial Reform laws, especially Dodd-Frank must be repealed.

Those repeals (and many others) will slowly reposition this nation back to its Constitutional roots and rule of law by re-establishing state rights in the US Senate. We the people have our say in how the federal government operates through the House of Representatives. A Congressional mandate returning the federal government to a Constitutional law standard and not the current case law standard must be enacted immediately.

Now is the time for courage and truth to manifest in America.

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