FISA Abuse Memo Released

FISA Abuse Memo Released
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The FISA abuse memo was declassified and released today. Despite the spin and delusion of the democrats and Fake News propaganda LameStream media, the memo is devastating. The memo reveals the existence of an embedded criminal enterprise deep within our government and weaponized agencies.

this represents a very real and present danger to our Republic. The three government branches, the intelligence community both foreign and domestic along with most if not all alphabet agencies are utterly corrupt and conspired to spy and frame Donald Trump.

Trump and his campaign, transition team and administration as the sitting President of The United States of America were were spied upon and the target of a treasonous conspiracy to overthrow the Constitutional Republic and insert a non constitutional form of totalitarian government. The documentary evidence is overwhelming and what was released today is but the tip of the iceberg.

This memo represents a snowball being rolled from a mountain top that is going to grow into an avalanche of evidence of a concerted coup d’état.  The conspirators just NEVER believed he would lose the election or would be caught, otherwise there would have been more care and deliberation in hiding the massive evidence about to devastate them like a beach hut trying to oppose a tsunami.

The conspirators just NEVER believed they would lose the election or be caught. They were wrong. The people involved is this coup d’état must bear the full brunt and force of government for justice to be served and prevent another conspiracy of treason from occurring for at least the next century.


White House Letter by Don McGahn, Counsel to the President and Unclassified HPSCI Memo on FISA Abuses by DOJ and FBI

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