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Lethal 5G: The Tool of Tyranny
1 comment, 26/02/2019, by in Technology

5G Frequencies are already weaponized by the US Military through its non-lethal Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) using Active Denial System (ADS) technology. ADS uses a 95 gigahertz millimeter wave (MMW) frequency traveling at the speed of light to penetrate the skin producing an intolerable heating s... Read more...

Thank You Congressman Matt Gaetz
1 comment, 05/02/2019, by in Politics

Thank You Congressman Matt Gaetz for announcing your intent to introduce the “Justice for All Act” on the Fox Cable Tucker Carlson show and Twitter. You state the purpose of the Act is to create criminal referrals for those who lie during congressional hearings and specifically mention Hillary ... Read more...