Thank You Congressman Matt Gaetz

Thank You Congressman Matt Gaetz
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Thank You Congressman Matt Gaetz for announcing your intent to introduce the “Justice for All Act” on the Fox Cable Tucker Carlson show and Twitter. You state the purpose of the Act is to create criminal referrals for those who lie during congressional hearings and specifically mention Hillary Clinton, James Comey, James Clapper and Andrew McCabe.

I was informed of this by a Tweet posted in The Gateway Pundit for I have long ago vanquished television and all the “Fake News” from the corporate propaganda media, and this includes Fox News. Never forget the lesser evil is still evil. I was banned for my political speech on Twitter and Facebook long before it became fashionable. Oh well!

Matt Gaetz made this announcement on Thursday night on January 31, 2019. I looked for the bill online and finally found it today, HR 97, so Mr. Gaetz, you are a man of your word. In the hypertext link you may also download the text in pdf format.

Thanks to American Intelligence Media’s Truth News Headlines for February 5, 2019 we can provide you a link to send Matt Gazette a Thank You email. Below is the text of an email my good friend Bill who lives in the Southtowne apartments at 101 E Ramona Street, Pensacola, FL 32502 sent to Matt Gaetz. Thanks Bill for being a good patriot and sharing your letter with us!

Dear Representative Gaetz,
Thank you for addressing the serious problem with your “Justice for All” bill HR 97 to end the inequitable treatment of only prosecuting republicans that “lie” before Congress and to the FBI. However, we both know a snowball in an inferno has a better chance of survival than your bill in a Nancy Pelosi led House of Representatives.

The best chance we have is to shed a “floodlight” on the amended law that deep state RINO Republicans passed in 1996 to begin the second term for President Bill Clinton. The “Swamp” Amended Title 18, USC, section 1001, to make it LEGAL to lie without fear of any liability or consequence.

Sub paragraph (a) identifies the penalty; subsection (b) that identifies the exclusion from part a for a party in judicial proceedings, or that party’s counsel for statements, representations, writings or documents submitted to a judge or magistrate; and (c) that further defines the application of the penalties outlined in subsection (a) applies only to administrative matters and investigation or review of such matters.
It appears this law was designed to grant the “swamp” a get out of jail free card with the selective prosecution of those they deem “hostile” to the shadow governments (SES, Senior Executive Service) from any accountability for criminal activity.
Any bill that does not repeal subsections (a) and (b) of §1001, 18 USC is an exercise in futility.
We need YOU TO DEMAND MEDIA COVERAGE OF THIS ABOMINATION to motivate Speaker Pelosi to act. Otherwise my fear is the travesty of Justice shall continue in violation of the Constitutional Principle of equal justice for all.

All patriots must write to their congressman and Speaker Pelosi to pass HR 97 and repeal subsections (a) and (b) of 18 USC 1001. We the People must become active in our government. Otherwise evil manifests.


Gateway Pundit: Rep. Matt Gaetz Announces “Justice for All Act”

America Intelligence Media: Truth News Headlines February 5, 2019

House of Representatives: H.Res. 97

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