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Conservative PatriotMike Patriot is a freelance author and writer on the subjects of politics, government, religion and education.

Mike has been a blogger and public speaker for many organizations, social media sites and The Tea Party Patriots.

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SHARE: To get the word out please copy the article URL to post and comment on your social media platforms. Citizen journalists like myself are under assault by the federal government for they passed anti-Free Speech and Censorship law in the NDAA bill that was signed into law in the dead of night on Christmas Eve, 2016 by Islam Emperor Obama. The establishment republicans are just as dangerous as the democrats, for both are Tyrants! Free Speech is under attack and NDAA has legalized censorship by Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and most internet platforms because all are globalists and leftists. Near all internet hosts suppress and censors articles and videos that do not toe the leftist, globalist and totalitarian line.

COMMENT: I disabled comments on my articles because the spam was obscene. Each article I wrote was getting around 500 spam comments daily. We have anti-spam software but these spammers spend tons of money to bypass. I guess the Google algorithm does not suppress or censor spam attacks, only prevents them from being seen on key word searches. This site and my articles are SEO optimized but to no avail when trying to out-maneuver the spammers and censor algorithms.

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