Drain The Swamp: Deep State Criminal Mitt Romney

Drain The Swamp: Deep State Criminal Mitt Romney
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Willard Mitt Romney is a loyal member of the Bush oligarchy and the deep state dating back to when both his mom and dad, George and Lenore Romney were heavy into politics in the 1960’s and 70’s. The apple does not fall far from the tree, so a brief review of his parents and their influence on unfit Mitt is beneficial.

Mitt’s father George was an establishment Republican and Governor of Michigan from 1963-1969 and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development from 1969-1973. Prior to entering politics George was chairman and president of American Motors Corporation from 1954-1962.

As Governor George overhauled the Michigan state constitution and financial and revenue structure. He greatly expanded the size of state government and orchestrated the passage of Michigan’s first state income tax. George was an establishment liberal, what we call today a RINO: Republican In Name Only. He vehemently campaigned against conservative republicans, a position inherited by the entire Romney clan.

In 1967 George was considered a front-runner for President of the United States in 1968, but several missteps made him withdraw to Richard Nixon. It was Nixon who appointed him HUD Secretary when he was elected president. Mitt’s mom Lenore LaFount Romney was an actress who turned down an MGM contract to marry George in 1931.

Lenore was very active in Republican politics and strongly promoted greater involvement of women in business and politics. She ran a losing campaign for US Senate in 1970 after serving as a very popular first lady of Michigan. The Romney’s are very devout Mormons which many in the Christian community consider a cult for their departure from the bible and strict adherence to the book of Mormon. Both she, her husband George and Mitt served as Mormon missionaries at various times in their lives. Mitt remained active in his Mormon church throughout his adult life serving as a bishop and a stake president.

Mitt Romney was active in the campaigns of both his parents, spent time in France as a missionary and then married his wife Ann Davies Romney in 1969. By 1975 Romney earned his dual JD-MBA degrees from Harvard University and shortly thereafter secured a position with Bain & Company in 1977, eventually serving as Bain’s Chief Executive Officer and led the company out of financial crisis. In 1984 he co-founded Bain Capital, a highly successful private equity investment firm in becoming one of the largest firms in the United States.

He then embarked on his political career in where he lost to incumbent US Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) in 1994 and then returned to Bain Capital and then became President and CEO of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee. His stint at establishing a highly successful 2002 Winter Olympics helped reignite his political career and was elected Massachusetts Governor in 2002.

As Governor Romney developed and passed into law state run universal health insurance with individual mandates to purchase insurance which later became the model framework for obamacare. He did not seek reelection but rather focused his attention on the republican primary for president in 2008 where he lost to establishment RINO John McCain.

Romney ran again in 2012 and won the primary but lost to incumbent democrat Barack Hussein Obama by a very large margin. Unfit Mitt lost his primary bid for the presidential nomination in 2016 to Donald Trump and won a dubious primary in 2018 to handily win the republican US Senator election in Utah on the coat-tails of President Donald J Trump though Romney is a deep state establishment Never Trump RINO. This is the broad brush overview of unfit Mitt. Now let’s get into the gory details.

Mitt Romney has always lived under a cloud of corruption and crime in business and politics. His crimes rivals those of the Bush and Clinton oligarchies. In fact, the Bush crime family have basically adopted unfit Mitt into their global cartel and he fits right into their befuddled complex of corrupt bankers, rogue CIA and the slimy underbelly of politics.

Corrupt banker Prescott Bush, the successor patriarch in a long line of the criminal Bush oligarchs dating back to Samuel Bush, the WWI arms dealer. Prescott is the father of George HW Bush and Jonathan Bush, the corrupt Director of Riggs Bank. Mitt Romney worked very closely with GHWB, the man who is said to head the American Fourth Reich and patriarch of the Bush Oligarchy along with his brother Jon Bush, the man they call Hitler’s banker.

Unfit Mitt was the third member of the team that fleeced the former Soviet Union through Riggs-Valmet Bank and then laundered the money through Romney at Bain Capital. Unfit Mitt was able to accumulate his massive wealth, estimated to be over $250 Million, is a direct result of his association with the Bush oligarchy.

Jonathan and GHWB are deep state operatives grooming Mitt for the presidency of the United States and cleared his path so the CIA could maintain control over the Oval Office from the republican side of the ledger. Was Mitt also being groomed to be the next Bush patriarch considering Jeb and George W are woefully lacking in leadership and management? There is debate on this point with some saying a deal was struck with Trump to bring down the Clinton oligarchy if he would nominate Bushites to SCOTUS (Brett Kavanaugh) and Attorney General (Bill Barr).

Several articles surfaced in Mitt’s political run from the Never Romney folks that highlighted his contradictory public statements and included in the reference section below. Now that GHWB has been put to death, competing oligarchs are at war to fill the void and are leaking criminal information about on each other.

With Trump in the Oval Office as a ‘rogue’ player from the CIA perspective, such criminality may not remain unpunished though as mentioned earlier the Bush cartel may have made a deal with Trump. We’ll just have to see what plays out.

Trump did expose the Clinton criminal enterprise but can the Bush oligarchy trust him? This may be a reason why Romney ran for Senate in the Mormon stronghold of Utah. He will vehemently oppose Trump and fill the never Trump gap in the Senate left by the departure of McCain and Flake if Trump does not hold up his end of the agreement? Speculation, but what is not is the deep state is in panic mode to keep their crimes and corruption hidden from the prying eyes and ears of President Trump. Trump is a law and order man.

President Trump may or may not have an agreement with the Bushes. Regardless, there are many Patriots who have not. There is a laundry list of crimes and corruption of Bain Capital while under the tutelage of Unfit Mitt, many of which are chronicled in the Just Another Corrupt Bush Son article below. Scandal surrounds Bain Capital and Mitt Romney.

One such controversy is why Mitt is so adamant in proclaiming he left Bain Capital in February, 1999 and not in August, 2001 when he actually did leave Bain. Something very sinister occurred in this time-frame that has Romney afraid. Perhaps the bankruptcy fraud that guaranteed Bain Capital could plunder with impunity a company they manage?

The DOJ refused to investigate any crimes during the Romney years at Bain Capital attesting to the power and influence of the Bush crime cartel. George W Bush #43 appointed a lawyer from Bain Capital’s secret law firm as US Attorney to guaranteed Unfit Mitt would not be investigated despite the evidence. Mitt’s retroactive retirement seems to be for the purpose to conceal and avoid a DOJ investigation. The Bill Barr confirmation which starts this week may be to guarantee such never happens.

An early retirement however, does not change public docket records; FEC and SEC filings attest to Mitt profiting from corruption, fraud and racketeering prosecutable under RICO statutes as head of Bain Capital. Romney also siphoned the unbelievable sum of $1.5 Billion in aid from the US Treasury as head of the 2002 Winter Olympics. That sum exceeded the total of the last 7 US Olympic games combined. Who knows how much of that money served to enhance his net worth?

No wonder the Salt Lake Winter Games was considered a huge success. Taxpayer money accounted for an average of $625,000 per athlete. When compared to the money spent in the 1984 Olympic games in Los Angeles which spent an average of $11,000 per athlete … an astounding 5,582% increase. And Romney is touted a fiscal conservative? That could even make a demonrat blush with envy. How much actually went to the games?

Pedophilia Changes Everything

There are unfortunately many SES, deep state and establishment politicians involved in the horrendous practice of pedophilia, child sex trafficking and lucerferian practices involving the torture, rape and ritualistic murders of young children. All bets are off on this topic. This makes tyranny and oppression secondary when such vile practices as these are engaged on a regular basis. There will simply be NO DEALS when it comes to this.

The Bush oligarchy has prevented such prosecutions in the past for for child molestation and child sex trafficking. One such instance involved republican Lawrence King in the Nebraska infamous Boy’s Town orphanage and the Franklin Credit Union scandal. King was convicted for embezzlement from the minority owned Franklin Credit Union but there were never any prosecutions thanks to pressure from George Bush #41 despite witnesses that he ran a child prostitution for top GOP officials in Omaha and DC.

These crimes happened in the White House but were suppressed for months. Nebraska’s Senate republican Ben Sasse helped cover up sex scandals involving representatives Mark Foley (R-FL) and Jim Kolbe (R-AZ). Mitt Romney is connected in that Ben Sasse worked for Romney’s Boston Consulting firm. While Romney is no pedophile he will do whatever he can to protect the Bush oligarchy from investigations for going down that rabbit hole would certainly lead to crimes he is certainly guilty of. Preventing investigations and prosecutions into pedophilia is enabling its practice and that is wholly unacceptable.

The list of corruption and criminal activity is much to extensive for a single article like this. Please read the Just Another Corrupt Bush Son, on the Aim4Truth.org website for that is an extensive expose’ with many links and documentation.




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