American Pravda CNN Part 2: Russian Story a ‘Nothing Burger’ Says Van Jones

American Pravda CNN Part 2: Russian Story a ‘Nothing Burger’ Says Van Jones
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What seemed like an eternity waiting for part 2 of the American Pravda CNN undercover video by Project Veritas has CNN’s Van Jones calling the Russian story a big nothing burger. If you were waiting for the video to surface on the Project Veritas website, like me, you waited in vain.

What this video reveals is that those in the know at CNN all knew there was nothing of substance to the CNN Russia collusion narrative with President Trump and his team. Oh besides the $Multi-Millions in advertising revenues driven up by the ‘click bait’ ratings.

Sensationalizing the known false accusations against the Trump administration colluding with Russia to alter the 2016 election results was fodder to help the deep state overthrow the duly elected US Government with their Continuity of Government (COG) scheme.

The real story here is the deliberate and active participation by CNN and all the other corporate fake news purveyors of sedition and treason in the coup d’état to overthrow the duly elected government by the people of the United States of America. This goes well beyond the fake news narrative into criminal conspiracy.

Investigations must be opened to see just how deep this conspiracy goes and who are the bad actors in it. Some of them we already know but they are most certainly just the tip of the iceberg.

We know James Comey, the disgraced ex-FBI Director is one of the bad actors by his own testimony under oath. We also believe that Special Counselor Robert Mueller is another bad actor in this conspiracy based upon his many conflicts of interest, his failure to recuse himself and his selection choices for his legal team.

Loretta Lynch has her role to play as does Susan Rice, Evelyn Fargus, Janet Yates, John Brennan, John McCain, Joseph Dunford, HR McMaster, Dina Powell, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, the GOPe, DNC, elected congressional democrats and committee members. I can go on and on with names including members of the Obama and Trump Cabinet and White House staff. The short list is who is not part of the coup d’état.

The judiciary has also conspired in their role in this coup d’état by seizing power into the legislative and executive branches of government. Hollywood bad actors and the special interest groups being funded through the Soros family criminal enterprise and tax dollars must also stand to account for their role in the conspiracy.

The motives are many and varied. For some it is about the completion of the globalism end-game scenario that was supposed to fall to Hillary Clinton to orchestrate. For Clinton and many others it was to make sure the criminal enterprises that include crimes of espionage, bribery, collusion, pedophilia, child and human sex trafficking and murders never see the light of day.

Those crimes will begin to be revealed now as the investigations and real Special Counselors, Prosecutors and Grand Juries get appointed. The floodgates are open and there is no stopping the tsunami from swallowing up the evil and bad actors of government, media, entertainment and Hollywood, educational institutions, city and state government officials from their roles in this coup d’état.

The politicians and media cannot spin their way out of this for this time around too many Americans are awake and alert. Justice demands that those who fancy themselves above the law now feel the full weight, fury and might of the law. Justice must be served without pardons for this nation to be restored to fulfill the promise to Drain the Swamp and to Make America Great Again.

Have we not waited long enough? Let the bloodbath commence!


Article: Undercover Video Reveals CNN’s Van Jones Calling Russia Story A ‘Nothing Burger’

Article: Van Jones: Russia is “Nothing Burger”

Video: Project Veritas (embedded above)

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