2018 Election

2018 Election
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The Great Purge of 2018

This may be the most important election of our lifetimes has been said for many past elections. The 2016 election qualified and electing Donald J Trump as President may very well have saved America from its collapse into globalism; a worldwide economic collapse; currency reset or worse a digital currency.

When President Trump began ‘Draining the Swamp’ the swamp creatures of the deep state, shadow government, judicial, legislative and even the executive branches of government went into a full assault and staged a multifaceted coup d’état which included the mainstream media.

This mid-term election is vital to complete the task we accomplished in 2016. We have seen that electing republicans to Congress is not the path of victory. Democrats are the enemy of state and they are totalitarian and no longer considered a viable alternative to liberty loving Americans.

Electing republicans to ‘stop the bleeding’ was an exercise in futility for many of the voters did not fully understand the factions in the republican party and kept electing the GOPe who are the enemy of the people and not that different from democrats.The 3 primary factions in the republican party are: Establishment (GOPe), Conservative, Libertarian and Constitutional which generally include a cross-section of conservatives and libertarians. The GOPe dominates around ⅔ of republicans who are in favor of big-government; big-budgets; big-spending; and even bigger debt.

This is the reason why we saw nothing positive being done. Republican victories were in reality losses as far as implementing the policies that we the people stood for and they campaigned on to get elected. GOPe candidates lied to us … We are at War!

Republicans victories since 2010 with a few ‘anger’ elections to express our frustration for their failure continued until now. The GOPe represents ⅔ of republicans in the Senate and the House of Representatives. Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House and Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader are GOPe and two major reasons why we see disaster in Congress!


There are 33 Senators we need to elect to Congress. The real election battle is the PRIMARY ELECTION when we decide which republicans will run against far-left totalitarian democrats. IF WE KEEP SENDING THE WRONG REPUBLICANS TO CONGRESS WE WILL NEVER ACHIEVE VICTORY!

The battle is not republicans versus democrats but Liberty versus Tyranny!

Democrats and GOPe are the Tyranny candidates. If we can stop sending democrats and GOPe to Congress we can turn this around IN ONE ELECTION!!! This 2018 mid-term election can be our key to do so IF WE START ACTING NOW! Let’s make sure we get the right people into Congress.


We have identified the Senators that need to be defeated in this 2018 mid-term election. Of the 33 Senators coming up for re-election in 2018, 32 of the 33 must be replaced for us to achieve victory for America. We have prepared a 2018 Senator Scorecard for each of the Senators using the Heritage Foundation scoring criteria.

Heritage rates each Senator’s voting record on bills that reflect the majority of voter desires and applies a percentage score on their voting record. You can print this pdf file and use it freely. We identified 32 Senators that need to pack their bags and go home.

2018 Senate Election Scorecard


In 2018 we elect 435 members to Congress and have not yet prepared our analysis on whose running. However we can provide you a link to the Heritage Website so you can search your own state and district to see how your representative scored. Any representative scoring below 70% needs to have a PRIMARY ELECTION Challenge to see who will represent the republican party in the GENERAL ELECTION on November 6, 2018.

2018 Heritage Scorecard for House of Representatives

Folks, this is where AMERICAN HAVE SCREWED UP! Many do not understand that there are two elections, a PRIMARY and GENERAL election. The Primary election is where we vote for the candidate to represent our party in the General election.

The Primary election is usually a few months before the General election. Most voters blow off the primary election and that is why and how we never seem to get the person we want to represent usWE CANNOT DO THAT IN 2018!!!

Key Mid-Term House Races

Paul Ryan (R-WI) District 1:  

Ryan is a GOPe RINO (Republican In Name Only) with a FAILING lifetime Heritage score of 58%

Paul Ryan must be defeated in the PRIMARY election so we can have a new candidate run against in the GENERAL election to defeat the democrat. Paul Nehlen is challenging Ryan again in 2018. He lost to Ryan in 2016 so perhaps the second time is the charm. Ryan is bad for Wisconsin and worse for America.

Key States

2018 US TX

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