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Obama Operative Confirms Trump Spying
0 comments, 30/03/2017, by in Politics

Spies, Lies & Intrigue The lamestream media has been obsessing on the Trump Tweet while ignoring the felonious criminal evidence that the Obama regime was spying on Donald Trump and many other private American citizens. Their hatred of Donald Trump is blinding them to the glaring facts right be... Read more...

President Trump’s Recipe for Disaster
0 comments, 27/03/2017, by in Politics

Inviting the Democrats to the table is the recipe for Disaster! Republicans have proven they are incapable of governing as the majority party and Democrats have proven they are evil enemies to a Constitutional Republic when they govern. So what is America to do? First thing is to keep democra... Read more...

Globalist Treachery on the Trump Team?
0 comments, 24/03/2017, by in Politics

There is no hiding the fact that President Donald Trump has globalist establishment on his team that are party to the coup d’état against he and America. Yes, President Trump and his team are being maligned as targets of the LameStream Media. The 17 Intelligence Community (IC) agencies is replete... Read more...