Russian Election Interference is Insanity and Sedition!

Russian Election Interference is Insanity and Sedition!
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Russian Hack NonsenseThe lame stream media and the democrat party is insane and harming this nation. We are watching the hearings and to a person everyone agrees there is no evidence … getting that? … NO evidence to warrant an investigation, but yet here they are.

It’s one thing to write fake news and give false reports to the fake news media and talking heads. It’s an entirely different matter when it comes to lying under oath to Congress. This is far beyond a witch hunt to illegitimize President Donald Trump for we have entered the sedition zone.

There is video and other evidence that prove election tampering has been engaged by the DNC: Democrat National Committee; the Hillary Clinton Campaign; evidence of ballot-box stuffing by democrat poll workers; the pre-programming of electronic election machines provided directly or financed through George Soros, an extreme left-wing operative; and 18 million faulty and fraudulent voter registrations.

Yet, in spite of this, the same people who claim Russian hacking with no evidence deny voter and election fraud where there is significant evidence. The world is upside down and I believe it is due to mental illness and is quite dangerous.

The insanity of the extreme left and establishment is here to create WW3 any way they can. Why? For the same reasons all wars are fought, it is in the interest of the international central bankers including the Fed. This is based on the end-game strategy to collapse Western society and nationalism. The cabal has determined the nation state as a worldwide structure has outlived its purposefulness and now is the time to restructure the world into regional sub-divisions under a new world order with centralized governance.

Crazy you say? Just another conspiracy theory! Those terms served to silence many in the past, but now that the globalists have shown their hand its conspiracy fact. The extreme left and their embrace of globalism are so arrogant and convinced this would be Hillary Clinton’s coronation as queen they no longer remained stealth.

Brexit & Donald TrumpDonald Trump and Brexit were the first signs of the people’s revolt on globalism. The destructiveness can no longer be concealed and that mean you too Sweden. The cat’s out of the bag. European countries are now joining in the revolution and there’s no turning back. Fake news, rigged polls, insults and fraudulent elections no longer have the power of the populace they once did. The corporate media no longer echoes the voice of the people.

Many have emerged from their sleep. Many still slumber and need to remove their head from that deep, dark hole they have it burrowed in. Most of the actors are on stage so let the play begin. Time to put an end to the political nonsense we see playing out in Congress, the Judiciary and the Lamestream Media as we draw to a close of Act I of American Revolution II.

Just like the first American Revolution, France will play a critical role but this time the UK is on team Liberty to oppose globalism. Eyes wide open in the France elections to combat fraud. Any attempts to remove Le Pen from the stage will have dire consequences.

The patriots in Germany have also been stirring the pot and will follow suit with the Polish uprising as we see with other European nations. The defeat of globalism is impending and as long as the people ignore the propaganda by fake news media like CNN, Washington Post, and the New York Times, victory for liberty is imminent.

Cyber WarfareThe US and UK spy networks must be brought under control, the CIA dismantled and NSA and FBI leadership replaced. Who can trust them? They illegally spy on US citizens despite their adamant denials. They spy and blame other foreign actors. The flavor of the month is Russia and we see the CIA has implemented cyberwar and deliberately leaves behind Russian fingerprints to divert attention away from their evil doing. WW3 with Russia is a critical end-game strategy but remember it is always about the money, or more appropriately fiat currencies.

The cabal must bring down the old strongholds before they erect the new to take its place. Nationalism, patriotism, and Judeo-Christian beliefs are the enemies of globalism as are national currencies, industries and manufacturing. These must all be reduced to ashes so the new world order can emerge. Do you see why President Donald J Trump is an enemy that the globalists must destroy?

Militis - TyrantsEurope and America, do not get distracted by the globalist sleight of hand with the foolish tantrums unfolding in the American political arena with their political and judicial coup d’état and impeachment jargon. The take-down of the American government is not going to happen. Millions of patriots are willing and able to make their stand to defend America should this treason take root.

The eradication of the deep state, shadow government and the Obama shadow government comprised of Obama and Clinton loyalists will take place in Act II. They reveal themselves now in Act I through congressional investigations and department investigations. We saw a few of them emerge in in the first day of hearings. If you want to know more of the bad actors, look to those involved in pedophilia and child sex-trafficking for these are the satanic dots that must be connected.


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