President Trump’s Second SOTU: Choose Greatness

President Trump’s Second SOTU: Choose Greatness
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President Donald J Trump delivered probably the greatest speech of his life at his second State of the Union address last night. His theme was “Choose Greatness” and that is precisely what President Trump did with his unifying message to a divided Congress and Supreme Court.

Yes, even the Supreme Court is divided especially concerning the controversy surrounding the health status and disappearance of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Her absence did not subside the calls for a proof of life and proof of cognizance in spite of the fake news report by the Washington Post that claims she was seen in public.

The Ruth Bader Ginsburg cover-up is starting to look a lot like the infamous “Elvis Sightings” 

Justice Ginsburg rarely attends a Republican SOTU address and that highlights the bias and politicization of our SCOTUS judges with only four judges in attendance.

And Chief Justice John Roberts had the audacity to scold President trump saying SCOTUS judges are apolitical? Yeah, right. Anyway this was President Trump’s night so let’s get to his powerful SOTU address.

Newshawk Network Video Response

The address was brilliantly written and delivered with it’s theme of “Choose Greatness.” There were four segments of the speech from my perspective: Hope from History; Administration Accomplishments; Specific Issues Impacting the Nation; and the Path to Greatness. The speech contained more detail than what is typically expected from a State of The Union address.

He started out by saying we are living in the moment of unlimited potential filled with new opportunities. He sought to unify the parties by saying we must not govern as two parties but as one nation. President Trump brought in the past “Great Crusade” of the Allied Liberation of Europe and honored three veterans in the audience including Sargent Herman Zeitchic who would be singled out again at the end of the address.

President Trump also honored astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the 50 year anniversary of planting the American Flag on the surface of the moon and vowed that we will once again be returning to space on rockets made in America. What was noteworthy was the democrat grimacing faces and stoic persona whenever the greatness of America was highlighted. Throughout the speech the democrats were exposed as the anti-American socialists and globalists they truly are.

The message of unification to reject the politics of revenge, resistance and retribution with an embrace of cooperation, compromise and the common good seemed to fall on deaf democrat ears. The appeal to break the decades of political stalemate, divisions and wounds and replace that with new coalitions that forge new solutions to unlock our great promises had little impact on democrats.

The choice is ours to make; Greatness vs Gridlock; Results vs Resistance; Vision vs Vengeance; and incredible progress vs pointless destruction … Choose Greatness!

-President Trump 2019 SOTU Address

Then came the multitude of accomplishments in economics with jobs at the highest levels and unemployment at their lowest levels in history for many minority groups. One would think that elevating five million people off food-stamps would garner praise from the democrats but it did not. They rather measure success by the number of people dependent upon government handouts for that cements their socialist power and control over the masses. A booming economy and individual independence is the enemy of socialism.

Trump went on to say the only way to stop this economic miracle is through foolish wars, destructive politics and the ridiculous partisan investigations. Democrat crimes are ignored while they endlessly investigate Donald Trump in search of crimes they may hopefully find to justify impeachment because he is a monkey wrench in their scheme of totalitarian control through globalism.

While President Trump could not say that is an active coup d’état to depose he and the will of the American people to elect a person of their choosing, I certainly can. My guess is the actual number of American positively receiving the Choose Greatness message of SOTU are probably around 85-88%.

Even Skewered Polls from Propaganda Media Rave

Peace in legislation cannot come about through perpetual war that only enriches the Military Industrial Complex and the international central banking cartel. Frivolous investigations is the strategy of the deep state bureaucracy who is being revealed daily in their lust for power and control via the Senior Executive Service (SES) which is the “shadow government” who controls the bureaucracy.

The current border crisis is the imminent threat identified by the intelligence agencies, the department of Homeland Security and law enforcement; so President Trump threw down the gauntlet to Congress that only 10 days remain to come up with a permanent solution and plan for our growing border crisis. The proliferation of drugs, criminals, illegal aliens, child sexual abuse and human trafficking is killing citizens and migrants alike and placing tremendous strain on social services, police, hospitals and government resources.

Border defense and security is the only true source of love, compassion and devotion to the American Citizen and the potential immigrant. The political class in DC is sharply divided from the working class on Main Street because the average American
frequently pays the price with their lives.

Unlike the political class, average Americans do not have resources sufficient to have walls, gates and guards protecting their homes like the open border politicians have. The political class is woefully disconnected from the working class with the divide increasing daily.

Tolerance for Illegal Aliens entering the USA is in reality cruelty and not compassion to the migrants and citizens alike. One of every three women joining the invasion caravan is sexually assaulted; their children kidnapped; sold into slavery and child sex trafficking; subject to terminal disease, prostitution, drugs and murder. ICE agents have made 266,000 arrests for 100,000 assaults, 30,000 sexual; crimes and 30,000 murders.

President Trump not only pledged his resolve to never abolish ICE but honored ICE agent Elvin Hernandez, a legal immigrant from Honduras who rescued 300 migrant women and children and made over 1,500 arrests. Again the democrats demonstrated their utter contempt for the safety and security of the American people and migrants with their hostile demeanor, refusing to applaud or stand to honor the outstanding and brave ICE Agent Elvin Hernandez. Pathetic!

President Trump continued to outline the accomplishments and the need for more work in the achievements of women in the workforce and in Congress. The pathetic display of self aggrandizement coming from the democrat women all dressed in white, whooping it up, raising the house gestures and high fives was noting short of disgraceful for a State of The Union address.

Democrat women’s over the top reaction to President Trump’s acknowledgement of an increased presence of women in the workforce and on Capitol Hill.
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Trade, especially with China who has stolen patents, intellectual rights and imposed high tariffs are all being negotiated and was highlighted; the USMCA replacing NAFTA, the need for reciprocal trade agreements, infrastructure, health and pharmaceutical reforms; child cancer research and the expansion of the family leave act for time off after giving birth for both husbands and wives; and rebuilding the military and the serious threat coming from Iran were all presented by President Trump.

President Trump launched a justifiable assault on late term abortion and after birth ‘abortion’ legislation cropping up around a dozen or so democrat controlled states. I was pleasantly surprised when he singled out Governor Cuomo of New York and Governor Northam of Virginia for not merely late term abortion legislation but expanding abortion to include the barbaric murder of children after they are born. He called on Congress to enact legislation prohibiting late term abortion especially after the time a child is capable of feeling pain.

Democrat women react to President Trumps prohibition on late-term abortion and after birth murder of children

The deafening silence of the democrat women in white was appalling. Especially when contrasted with the hoopla generated by them honoring themselves just moments earlier. Their indifference when it comes to murdering a child no longer in the womb is more than disturbing … it is criminal and satanic.

This culture of death and destruction of life by the democrats is outrageous enough, but when the women celebrate murdering children, that just goes beyond the pale. The only thing missing from these despicable women uniformly clad in white outfits was their white pointed hoods.

This meme is more reflective of the demonrat reality

President Trump was not done for he outlined additional steps we must take down our path of greatness. He correctly stated that had he not been elected we would be at war with North Korea, China and Russia which would have ignited World War III. Though Congress did not receive this statement well, profound truths are rarely appreciated by these lemons in Congress from both parties, including the few independents like Bernie Sanders.

President Trump also vowed to never allow this nation to move into socialism and called on Congress to reaffirm our resolve to never embrace it. Liberty is in diametric opposition to government control in all its totalitarian forms. The look on the faces of the democrats especially Bernie Sanders and his merry band ‘giddy gals’ in white made one think President Trump had ran over their puppy with a steam-roller for they looked beyond depressed.

Bernie Sanders’ reaction to Never Socialism resolve by President Trump

Great nations do not fight endless wars and he fully plans to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan despite the threat of impeachment from Mitch McConnell and the Senate on the eve of his SOTU address. Should the House through Nancy Pelosi vote positively on the articles to impeach, Mitch implied the Senate would convict if Trump tried to remove the troops from Syria and Afghanistan.

Impeachment? Laughable for there are no crimes committed. What I like is President Trump taking on the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and the War Mongers. That fight is sure to be down and dirty, but if I were a betting man, I’d not wager against Donald Trump. He has defied all the odds against him since he announced his candidacy for President from the escalator at Trump Tower.

He ended the State of The Union message buy once again honoring WWII veteran Herman Zeitchic who rescued holocaust survivor Joshua Kaufman from the Dachau NAZI death camp. President Trump said, “Almost 75 years later, Herman and Joshua are both together in the gallery tonight — seated side-by-side, here in the home of American freedom. Herman and Joshua: your presence this evening honors and uplifts our entire Nation.”

Truer words could not be uttered. Thank you Mr. President for true hope in the restoration of our Constitutional Republic!


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