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President Trump Tweets for 1.11.2019
1 comment, 11/01/2019, by in Politics

Just how fantastic is it to have an Alpha male as President of the United States? No wonder the demonrats and the fake news propaganda media are obsessed with deposing President Donald J Trump by any means necessary. He has them twisted in more knots than a New York City pretzel. All who oppose... Read more...

President Trump Wars With The Cabal
0 comments, 23/12/2018, by in Politics

POTUS Trump is in the throes of a secret spiritual and carnal war with The Cabal. The Cabal consists of 13 satanic bloodlines that essentially controls the planet. They include Oligarchs; Institutions; Governments; and the Gnostic Illuminati. All are satanists; all are subjected to trauma-based min... Read more...