A Knights Tale: President Nancy Pelosi?

A Knights Tale: President Nancy Pelosi?
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Has the Deep State escalated their coup d’état in an attempt to install Nancy Pelosi as president? The deep state and SES Shadow Government’s desperation appears to be intensifying and there is circumstantial evidence that Nancy Pelosi, Donna Brazile and others may have known about this plot in advance including the date this assassination attempt was to be made against President Trump.

Donna Brazile’s Knowledge of Assassination Plot?

Was MLKWeekend code name for the assassination plot? Could this be the real reason her seven member CODEL was set to leave the Country and stopped by President Trump? By the way, a CODEL is the acronym for Congressional Delegation. There is ample circumstantial evidence that this may very well be the case.

There were 93 people in total including Representatives Adam Schiff, Eliot Engel and Mark Takano. Nancy Pelosi also wanted to pick her own flight crew? Could be because the itinerary listed as Afghanistan was a ruse? Who in their right mind brings family into a combat zone? OK, I know, right mind and Nancy Pelosi are not synonymous but notwithstanding the flight plan was not likely their destinations.

An article written by Ms. Smallback for News With Views presents a detailed time-line and peculiarities that presents compelling circumstantial evidence for this premise. Let’s ignore all the Hollywood and TV saga’s where we see the defense attorney leap out of his seat when damnable evidence is presented screaming, “Circumstantial your honor!” in an attempt to get it stricken from the record.

The reality is circumstantial evidence is extremely valid and the fact that there are many people convicted, sent to prison and sitting on death row and executed on circumstantial evidence. There are two videos that draw for Ms. Smallback’s well researched time-line that I will include here starting with Nancy Morgan Hart, narrator for Headlines With A Voice.

Headlines With A Voice

Regardless of whether or not this is the actual intent of the Deep State Shadow Government, due to the serious nature of the arrest Hasher Taheb, the of 21 year old man from Cumming, Georgia for his plot to attack the White House with home-made explosives and an anti-tank AT-4 rocket, should not the remainder of government be put on lock-down?

Military rockets are not so easy to procure for an Islamic man in the United States now is it? Could it be this assassination was being orchestrated through the Vatican and the Knights of Malta with help from their old reliable cohorts in the UK and the US? One thing I found out just today is Robert Mueller is a Knight of Malta! That sort of changes things a bit and puts his unchecked powers in perspective.

The Knights of Malta Leading The Coup?

President Trump needs to shut down the rest of government and make the members of Congress work without pay during the shutdown until this is all sorted out. I’m less concerned with the 800,000 furloughed employees where a few thousand SES member are no longer being paid then I am with the remaining 2½ million who remain on government payroll.

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News With Views: Circumstantial Evidence Indicates An Assassination Attempt From The Deep State

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