No Fake News Tears for Haman

No Fake News Tears for Haman
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Media HysteriaThe corporate fake news media is getting what they so richly deserve … Justice! Next in line are the embedded nefarious forces hiding in plain sight deep in the bowels of government. But who’s Haman you ask? That will be revealed later in the article.

My tears began flowing many years ago when I realized just how many people and organizations infiltrated our American government with the intent to do evil and to bring much harm to this nation. The antics of these domestic propaganda artists who destroyed journalism and the free press surpassed fake news by delving into the realm of sedition and treason.

But who are these fake news propaganda artists? Some of them we readily know. CNN the King of Fake News; his Queen the New York Times; the royal court: Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX; along with the court jesters MSNBC, Buzz Feed, Huffington Post, Salon and many, many others.

Media Illusion of ChoiceIn fact there are more than 1,500 newspapers; 1,100 magazines; 9,000 radio stations; 1,500 television stations and 2,400 publishers that are owned by 6 corporations and 275 executives. This is the corporate ‘fake news’ media I often reference. These 6 corporations own or control 90% of the ‘free press’ who all receive the same ‘marching orders’ on what 277 million Americans will see, hear and read. Is this a free or captive press?

But now that America is awake and rejecting the fake news being spewed by this ‘Monopoly’ they want sympathy from those they sought to destroy because they stand upon the precipice of their own demise. Time Warner and AT&T are two of the six corporations mentioned so what will change regarding the merger of CNN? Nothing!

The New York Times is also is dire financial straits and laying-off significantly. Both CNN and the NYT remain unapologetically arrogant in their sedition and propaganda. They despise the American way of life, our culture and our Constitutional Republic for they undermined and sought to dismantle it for nearly a century. They are just the first of the tsunami wave of insolvency sweeping through the corporate six.

From my perspective they should thank the God they shamelessly deny that financial collapse is all that will befall them. Will sedition charges and prison loom upon them all? The lamestream corporate media that some want me to call ‘legacy media’ has been a constant subversive force in America. I’ll not grace these criminals with such honor for whatever legacy was there was squandered.

The days of ‘crony capitalism’ and corporate welfare have long been hallmarks of the left. They shall see neither for at least another eight years. America’s enemies embrace cronyism until such time they can fully undermine and collapse the greatest economic system that planet earth has produced.

How unconscionable! Leftists and globalists are committed to destroy the only system known to mankind that availed to the common man the acquisition of wealth. Never in the history of human civilization could wealth be acquired apart from conquest and forceful subjection of the masses save the elite.

Yes, destroy laisse faire capitalism while you falsely proclaim affinity to the common man while depriving him from anything more than what the state deems appropriate. Collectivism is better you say … really? Your only solution is to increase minimum wage further accelerating economic collapse. In your folly to destroy our American system you became the first casualty of such treachery. How fitting.

Just as Haman in his subterfuge and evil plotting prepared the gallows for his political enemy; it was his neck that hung from the gallows he built. An ancient story that is as relevant today as it was back then. I invite you to read this short story for I am certain you have the book hidden in some closet or box collecting dust.

Go get your bible, blow off the dust and read this Old Testament story located in the book of Esther, chapters 3-9. Mordecai is played by President Donald Trump and Haman represents all the globalist totalitarian forces arraigned against him. It does not end well for Haman and it will not end well for the globalist forces of evil either. Go ahead NYC Theater in the Park; play out this story next, won’t you?

Parched for Accurate NewsThe American people are rejecting the corporate fake news media and we have a unique opportunity to level the playing field and dismantle the corporate monopoly controlling it. They thought nothing of destroying people’s lives and bankrupting them for their crime of not embracing the false ideology of totalitarianism.

At least former Alaska governor Sarah Palin filed a lawsuit against the New York Times for falsely linking her to the 2011 Tucson shooting is fighting back. The grossly irresponsible tactics of these goose-stepping fascists and the democrats in general is beyond the pale.

Smears, vitriol, financial ruin, libel, violence, destruction of property, murder and attempted murder are all viable tools to achieve their end. Just this past Thursday Chris Matthews of MSLSD in his Hardball show suggested on the air that the Trump family is like that of the Romanov’s and that Jared Kushner should be murdered.  Not the first time for far-left mentally ill Matthews to spew vitriolic diatribe.

The media colludes with government by strategically leaking information provided by deep state operatives to destroy lives to advance their globalist agenda. They took out patriot general Mike Flynn for false information so they could install globalist general HR McMaster in his place. America says this is wholly unacceptable and is pushing back. Enough is Enough!

Time for the lamestream to be crushed into ash so a new legacy media structure will emerge. No more monopolies and no more centralized control over the media. A restructure of Anti-Trust laws exclusively for the media is necessary for a free and independent press to thrive once again.


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