$3.9B Fake News Goliath Emerging?

$3.9B Fake News Goliath Emerging?
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It may seem unrelated but the far-left fraud riddled globalist victory in France serves as the impetus for this television mega deal to further its dominant grip on global information distribution and further control the flow of free speech.

Media Illusion of ChoicePrior to this $3.9 Billion deal, the Sinclair Broadcast Group owned 154 television stations nationwide making it the largest owner of local TV stations serving 81 markets in the United States. After buying Tribune’s 42 TV stations, Sinclair will cover more than 70 percent of households making it by far the largest broadcast owner in the United States.

This deal positions Sinclair to become a major challenger to Rupert Murdoch’s media conglomerate 21st Century Fox. Fox and Nexstar also bid on the tribune but the 26% premium of $800 Million was a bit too rich for their blood.

Fox is alleged to have a more conservative bent to its news broadcasting which in truth is more smoke and mirrors for it is being compared to far-left news and information media giants rather than a standard for unbiased, factual reporting. Media moguls are all experts in their craft of illusion and symbolism over substance.

Catering to a republican establishment did not make Fox the counter-balance to the far-left globalist establishment for to the politically astute the differences are negligible. Both want globalism, big government, big-spending, and centralized DC control. They differ only on how globalist government is to be managed.

Conservatives having no mainstream alternative other than Fox does not make them conservative. This is especially true since Fox is making a sharp left turn and abandoning the perception of ‘conservatism’ using dubious claims of sexual harassment as its stimulus.

TV WallIt’s not unusual to ‘shuffle the deck’ once false perceptions get exposed. Will Sinclair fill the ‘perception’ void left by Fox?

Time will tell though Sinclair does seem to be positioning itself to do just that. They recently hired Boris Epshteyn, a former spokesman for the Trump campaign to be their Chief Political Analyst.

Had President Trump not taken a sharp-left turn into globalism shortly after Paul Ryan’s betrayal in not repealing obamacare due to an obamacare-light replacement bill, I would have said this move bodes well for mainstream conservatism.

However, is Trump’s hugging globalism truly a dramatic and sudden change or his plan all along? The point is moot for his cuddling with militaristic globalism does not sit well with a majority of his base.

The deal for Tribune Broadcasting was cleared in a Republican controlled Congress and Presidency that laxed the FCC rules making this deal possible. Too soon to say if this will be a departure from the LameStream fake news media or a long-term furtherance of it.


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