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$3.9B Fake News Goliath Emerging?
0 comments, 09/05/2017, by in Media

It may seem unrelated but the far-left fraud riddled globalist victory in France serves as the impetus for this television mega deal to further its dominant grip on global information distribution and further control the flow of free speech. Prior to this $3.9 Billion deal, the Sinclair Broadcast... Read more...

Government Shut Down is 85% Fake News
0 comments, 24/04/2017, by in Government

The temptation to blame the far-left obstructionist democrats for an impending government shut down on April 28 would mean embracing fake news just for a ‘gotcha’ moment. While it may feel good to slam them with their own rhetoric that would make us like them ... how repulsive! Now that a non... Read more...

Fake News: Here’s an Example from AP
0 comments, 11/04/2017, by in Media

If you want to see how fake news is used to advance a narrative, look no further than this example from the AP. Remember, the narrative the US Government and fake news media are seeking to advance is war with Russia. To accomplish this, a ‘case’ must be advanced to ‘validate and justif... Read more...