Fake News: Here’s an Example from AP

Fake News: Here’s an Example from AP
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The Infamous Unidentified News Source

If you want to see how fake news is used to advance a narrative, look no further than this example from the AP. Remember, the narrative the US Government and fake news media are seeking to advance is war with Russia. To accomplish this, a ‘case’ must be advanced to ‘validate and justify’ circumstances that ‘vilify the target’ which is currently Russia. In military ops vernacular it is called, ‘winning hearts and minds’ to justify moving against the target’s aggression, hostility, deception or cover-ups.

This story by the AP, “US OFFICIAL: RUSSIA KNEW SYRIAN CHEMICAL ATTACK WAS COMING” appears to be that of a cover-up by me. Here are some key elements I use to identify a fake story or probable fake story.

Unidentified Sources: without question whenever stories use unidentified sources to establish a ‘key’ element being reported the odds are very good that event or scenario in the story is false. There are two ways ‘secret’ sources are used to fabricate false stories, events or scenarios.


How to advance the narrative when there is nothing to advance the narrative

The reporter is fabricating: This used to be an extremely rare occurrence because in days gone by the corporate media completely controlled the flow of information to write the story. The ‘wire services’ like Reuters and AP distribute staff written stories to allow local newspaper as well as the majors to ‘fill their pages’ with content across a broad spectrum of topics. This was to offset high distribution costs and make money by selling their product to the public at newsstands, by subscription and also to garner significant advertising dollars. The more content the more advertisers. These wire services like Reuters and AP: Associated Press is expensive and for the most part used only by the corporate media.

Investigative Reporting on the other hand was the domain of the unidentified sources due to whistle-blower activity. The whistle-blower was typically someone on the inside with first-hand knowledge that seeks to make public serious or major violations of a public trust, an illegal activity, corruption and the like.

The identity of the whistle blower was ‘protected’ because revealing the source could have serious repercussions to their life, safety or career if the source were to be made public. As such the ‘sources’ soon became the sacred cows of the media industry and untouchable. Reporter integrity was the only thing preventing abuse. It didn’t take long for integrity to be compromised to ‘get the scoop’ on breaking news stories. Since the advent of the internet, reporter fabrication is on the increase to regain control of the narrative.

USGovt King of Fake NewsThe source is fabricating: It seems everyone is looking for their 15 minutes of fame and it is no different for the politicians, staffers, special interest folks, permanent employees or deep state not normally in the public limelight. They get their fame by making it known to those covering the capitol they are available as long as their identity is not revealed. These ‘strategic leaks’ are standard operating procedure on manipulating decision makers and the public to pass or reject legislation or to mold public opinion for or against something.

Do these sources really have inside info? Oftentimes yes, but sometimes no. Those who do are sought out for public interviews and those overlooked soon become the well-known wannabe’s who ‘leak’ info to the media. Yes these leakers are well known to their superiors who give them stuff to run with, or it is the superiors themselves leaking classified info. The ‘leaking game’ is popular and standard operating procedure in DC. The Deep State is well known sources for they are full-time employees and often occupy mid to senior level positions. All pretend to not know who the leakers are but all do. Everybody in the game knows what’s really happening.

Media Illusion of ChoiceNow that we have laid some groundwork on how this works in DC, let see how this AP story plays out. As stated earlier the AP is a left leaning news wire service and a central player used to control the narrative for the corporate fake news media we have all come to know and (tongue-in-cheek) love. The newswires are controlled by the same people who control the media.

A news wire is using ‘unidentified sources’ in a standard news report? Really? This story is sent to every media source in the world to publish in their chosen medium and they are quoting ‘unidentified sources!’ Unbelievable!

This is standard information! Nothing classified, nothing earth shattering, nothing that may be considered a ‘scoop’ that every media outlet wants to lead with as their headline or featured story. This is fake news for government would easily have this declassified and made publicly available if it were true. The reason the source is unidentified is because what is being leaked is BS straight up. This is how fake media works.

If this were the only questionable issue in the report that would be bad enough but it’s not. Let’s take a look at the 1.21 minute video being used. We’ve all seen this video a hundred times already and there is evidence present in the video to make me think this is staged event. It’s not real.

Clue #1: Video reporter. Bradley Clapper, AP National Security Reporter claims to have obtained information from an ‘unidentified’ senior US military official who states the US ‘has concluded’ that Russia knew in advance about this chemical attack. This is unclassified information being given to the reporter for it is simply stating the government ‘conclusion’ and it also supports the narrative being pushed for war in Syria and against Russia.

Mr. Clapper is correct when he calls it an ‘extreme allegation” but did he not begin his report by claiming it to be a conclusion? There is nothing classified that is being revealed to the reporter. This can be released to the public and the fact that this reports only on the ‘conclusion’ makes this unclassified information. You don’t get to be a senior military official by leaking classified information. So why is it that no name is offered as the source for information? Because it is a fabricated story and knowingly and willingly disclosing false information is a crime.

Assuming Mr. Clapper is indeed relying information received from a senior military source, and I have no reason to dispute his claim, if it were known this source is shoveling BS to the public he could be brought up on charges. If it’s not classified … its BS when the source refuses to be identified. In essence the source is telling you its a lie. I think good old Bradley knows this or should know this but reports it anyway. Why? That’s his job to advance the government narrative. A free and independent press? Yeah right.

Clue #2: This video showing the spraying down of bodies affected by chemical weapons looks staged. The bodies are relatively clean and those doing the spraying to neutralize the chemical are not wearing gloves. If they have a neutralizing spray, even if water, no especially if only water they would certainly be wearing latex gloves. No excuse for no gloves in either event.

Clue #3: The triage hospital scene. The first boy in the bed looks to have a very clean face except for a few marking on his forehead that appear to be made with a marker rather that from a chemical trauma. The scenes of the 9 or so doctors with gowns and surgical masks also looks staged for no procedures seem to be taking place other than moving, shuffling and folding blankets over a bed. Another scene shows a child sleeping in bed with a perfectly clean face wearing an oxygen mask. Ditto the next scene showing a medical person standing over and allegedly treating a child. This video in my opinion is evidence of fake news.

So, what can we conclude? If this video is the primary source to validate the chemical weapons attack, it looks to be false. That Russia did not know in advance of the chemical weapons attack because we really do not know for certain if there was a chemical attack. I have serious doubts whether there really was a chemical attack based on the video presented in this AP article.

The attack may not be from Syria for other reports are claiming a conventional explosion in an al-Qaeda chemical weapons manufacturing lab. Based upon the compelling evidence back in 2013 that was completely ignored by the fake news media and the US government, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad did not orchestrate the 2013 chemical attack for it was a covert operation arranged by Britam Security contractors to have al-Qaeda pull off the attack and blame Assad.

The globalists establishment is composed of politicians from all parties; many in the deep state; shadow government; and corporate controlled media. They are leftists and globalist via ideology and indoctrination and are highly rewarded to do the business of the global power structure. Nationalism and patriotism are persona non gratis to the globalist agenda and targeted for extinction by the globalist community. The agenda for 2017 is no different than 2013 for the US and other allies want Assad deposed. I’m not defending a bad actor but neither will I help set one up based upon false information.

The pressure to chip away at President Trump, Marine Le Pen of France, Nigel Farage of the UK and many other leaders of the global nationalist movement is under assault. The march of totalitarianism through globalism is being rejected around the globe, at least until this false flag was raised by President Trump that is. When the leader of a movement betrays the movement the movement continues to go on less that leader and many of the peripheral members who fade. The return of national identity and culture is coming from the people. This is the new war of the 21st Century.



Reuters Article: Putin says expects ‘fake’ gas attacks to discredit Syria’s Assad

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