North Korea Will Not Ignite World War III

North Korea Will Not Ignite World War III
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Information is being bantered about that indicates a United States attack on the nuclear facilities of North Korea (NK) is imminent along with a decapitation strategy to take out Kim Jong-un and his top advisers. China does not appear to be willing to support North Korea’s position of a nuclear confrontation with the United States.

China deployed 150,000 troops to their North Korean border to let Kim Jong-un know the seriousness of his actions. The official line is this is to prevent refugees from crossing the border in the event of a US strike. Plausible but in light of China finally forcing NK coal cargo ships to return to port; their refusal to accept coal imports and their threat to take out their nuclear facilities, I’d say it’s a lot more than that.

The US is picking up the China import deficit by sending them coal. Coal is North Korea’s primary export and an economic necessity. So if China has troops on the border and sending North Korea coal cargo ships back it would serve Kim Jong-un well to not rattle his sabers too loudly. China is going so far as to say they will initiate a strike against NK if using nukes is more than sabre rattling. Radiation respects no nation’s borders.

The situation brewing with North Korea is not similar to that in Syria which is complete fabrication and fake news. Unlike Syria, North Korea poses a real and genuine threat and must be neutralized. Kim Jong-un is threatening US soil with nuclear weapons. That is akin to someone pointing a gun at you. Even if you suspect it may not be loaded or has blanks you must be ready to respond.

I am 99% certain NK does not possess the capability of accurately having an ICMB reach US soil including Hawaii. Based on the tests, navigation issues remain unresolved and their true range has yet to be tested. All their tests have failed. Regardless they are absolutely capable of threatening our allies in Seoul and Tokyo.

GoldenEye Satellite EMP WeaponCould NK possibly have some form of EMP: Electro-Magnetic Pulse weapon deployed on one of their satellites? If this be so they could launch against America and any nation on earth if that capability is true. I have no idea if it is and I’ve not heard anything from any of my news sources to indicate they do. If our GoldenEye satellite EMP weapon is functional or some other that can take out their nuclear targets, now would be a good time to deploy.

Nonetheless, unless one can say with certainty they do not, their threat against the United States homeland must be taken seriously. President Trump does and so does his new war-monger Neo-Con advisors who have disposed of all opposing voices to their globalist implementation strategy. Once the North Korean threat is dealt with satisfactorily, President Trump must immediately dismiss General McMaster as his National Security advisor along with his crony Deputy Dina Powell. James Mattis also needs some serious reconsideration.

If HR McMaster  and Dina Powell remain, all dissenting voices like Steve Bannon and his allies including that of CIA Director Mike Pompeo who incidentally was nowhere to be seen at the Mar-a-Lago Syrian War Room meeting. These globalists are who Hillary Clinton would have selected and she was soundly defeated to see that the globalist plan for WW3 does not manifest. President Trump, please get your foreign policy act together before it’s too late. Get rid of the globalists.

While we’re at it perhaps Ivanka and hubby Jared Kushner need to have limited say on foreign affairs especially when it comes to personnel decisions. I get the grooming of Jared but lighten up on his suggestions carrying the weight he apparently has. Yes he’s bright but we need seasoned people like Bannon have a greater say. Seems to be getting a little crowded with the New York City Goldman Sachs socialite cocktail crowd, don’t ya think? Ivanka has her place, just not with foreign policy personnel.

Nuclear DetonationNow will North Korea ignite World War III? Not on your life. If they are stupid enough to fire nukes, the US will have to muscle out both China and Russia for neither will tolerate any of that now. No love lost between China and Russia but both will agree on putting down Jong-un if he flexes his nuclear muscle.

Too bad the insane globalist left and the Neo-Cons have completely destroyed any hope of a US-Russian joint operation to take out the nukes in North Korea and put down the Islamic terrorists over the fake news Syria incident. That faux-pas is guaranteed to bite us in the butt hard moving forward. I saw two clichés fitting this situation with Russia: Keep your friends close but your enemies closer and the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

I know I said it but I have to say it again, “President Trump, please get rid of these traitorous globalist Neo-Cons from your administration and advisory staff. Pleeeeze!”

As far as disposing of the NK nukes the UN has proven themselves to be completely inept and utterly useless at anything meaningful. It may be a stretch to have China work with a US led Special Forces operation to neutralize the nukes permanently. We really can’t trust the Chinese. However, methinks this is something that a US-UK-SK operation could handle quite nicely. Just sayin’


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