Trump Abandonment of Nationalism Has Far-Reaching Consequences

Trump Abandonment of Nationalism Has Far-Reaching Consequences
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Two Faces of President Trump

The Two Faces of Donald Trump

The abandonment of nationalism by President Trump not only betrays his base but has far reaching international consequences. It is immediately being felt in France with the far left communist candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon surging and becoming a viable candidate for the first-time according to the latest polls. Experience tells us to view polls with a discerning eye for this may be a ruse to alter public perception. Poll manipulation has long been a tactic of the left and fake news media.

While the pundits in France attribute the rise of Melenchon to his performance in debates with nationalist front runner Marine Le Pen this is far more wishful thinking than reality. Melenchon shouting at Marine Le Pen in debates is hardly what we’d call a winning tactic. But since when does the global fake news media ever rely on reality for symbolism always trumps substance in their eyes.

In foreign affairs, Melenchon states he wants to pull France out of the globalist’s totalitarian European Union and the obsolete Western military alliance NATO. These are also the positions of the favorite Marine Le Pen and pulling out of NATO should also be the position of the United States as well. Is it shocking to consider a far left communist will lie and misrepresent their true position to garner votes? Not surprisingly Melenchon is supportive of Russia’s military action in Syria and Ukraine.

What is surprising is the Russian position in Syria is the truth. Such is the consequence of the betrayal of nationalism by President Donald Trump. His actions with Syria clearly abandoned his promises to the American people to eradicate the world from the pox of radical Islamic terrorism and to oppose the far left globalist encroachment by putting America first.

President Trump has packed his administration and foreign advisors with extreme left globalist ideology. There is clear and convincing evidence that the 2013 Syrian chemical weapon attack was a covert operation spearheaded by Britam Security contractors to use al-Qaeda terrorists to detonate a sarin gas chemical weapon and blame Bashar al-Assad.

That 2013 plan was approved by the Brits and green-lighted by Obama and Susan Rice, Obama’s National Security Advisor. The globalist regime changing strategy is to depose of all Middle East secular rulers in predominantly Islam nations suppressing militant Islamic terrorists. That regime change strategy began with Bush in Gulf War I and continues today.

The plan failed to depose of Assad though it typically takes a two phased operation as it did with Saddam. It did however claim the removal of all chemical weapons by the Assad regime confirmed by the UN and the USA under John Kerry, Secretary of State. The chemical attack deception worked like a charm the first time, perhaps the second will remove Assad?

This 2017 chemical attack was also detonated by al-Qaeda terrorists because the truth is all the chemical weapons were indeed surrendered by Bashar al-Assad. We can blame the Obama administration for incompetence in failing to remove all chemical weapons from Syria or we can acknowledge it was stage one of a covert regime change operation. The ineptness scenario has no jail time but a covert operation that detonates chemical weapons will put all in prison. Gee, which way will the scenario go?

Was the 2017 chemical weapon attack yet another of the myriad of land-mines planted by the Obama regime for President Trump to step on? The prima facie evidence indicates yes. The Obama regime and the deep state colluded to spy on the Trump team from campaign to transition to administration.

Lieutenant General Michael T Flynn, the former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and the first National Security Advisor appointed by President Donald Trump was forced to resign because of spying and illegally unmasking his name on the raw signal data reports. This espionage against Mike Flynn was waged for the sole intent to replace him by deep state globalist Lt. Gen. McMaster. It succeeded.

The plan to usurp McMaster for Flynn was hatched long before he was officially named for the position. The deep state and the Obama regime were politically spying on Trump and his team for years. Had Flynn remained we would certainly not be at the doorstep of World War III for no corrupted intelligence would be entering the discussion table under the tutelage of patriot Mike Flynn.

The deep state globalists are doing what they do best; manipulate elected and appointed officials to do their bidding or make sure they are removed one way or another. Spying, pedophilia, perversions, and other sexual misdeeds are elite perks but more importantly tools to blackmail and manipulate their targets. Politics is an ugly business.

Donald Trump - Steve Bannon

Will Donald Trump Forsake Steve Bannon?

President Trump has no shortage of deep state, globalists and Goldman Sachs fraternity players in his administration and advisory team. Steve Bannon is of the Goldman Sachs fraternity but clearly no globalist and a hard-liner against such deep state manipulation. Therefore he is target number one for dislodging him from power and access to President Trump’s ear. Lt. General McMaster is the man specifically charged to orchestrate the removal of Steve Bannon and he has all the help he needs from the other globalists on the Trump team.

People like Joe Hagin and Dina Powell are more than willing to assist McMaster along with some others to achieve their objective. Reince Priebus is an establishment globalist but of late has been showing signs of supporting President Trump, but that is a risky presumption. Remember, all Trump team removals are stepping stones to the greater goal of implementing the ultimate globalist plan Hillary Clinton was ordained to administer.

That plan at a minimum includes global fighting and preferably WW3 with Russia along with an economic and currency collapse of the major Western powers participating in the conflicts. Should that occur, game over!


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