What Happened to Americanism Over Globalism?

What Happened to Americanism Over Globalism?
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Did Donald make a deal with the Devil? If you thought you were dreaming that Trump betrayed nationalism to embrace globalism, do not pinch yourself, you’re unfortunately awake. He’s embracing the Neo-Con globalist war machine, the MIC: Military Industrial Complex for the old school folks.

Neither is it limited to military for he’s also doing the bidding for the globalist cabal who controls GEC: Globalist Economic Complex (just made that term up). GEC is co-chaired by the infamous Vatican Bank run by the Jesuits and the Rothschild Group. Those two own more of the world’s wealth than the remaining cabal combined. That’s a mind-boggling amount of wealth. The cabal controls all the key players of global economics; the Federal Reserve System; all foreign central banks; the World Bank and the IMF: International Monetary Fund.

“We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of Globalism.” – Donald J Trump

So what happened? Is President Donald Trump’s newfound globalism stance a fait accompli? Around 30% of his supporters from day one of his announcement turn a deaf ear to any and all allegations that diminish their new messiah. These folks are the ones who run off chanting every campaign slogan they know when confronted with facts negative to their messiah. It’s a sight to see and akin to a child plugging their ears chanting la, la, la, la, la, la, la, when confronted with anything negative about their guy.

Those 30% that refuse to hear are the low information, messianic complex Obama voters anyway. About 40% of them voted Obama once or twice. They could care less about any policy issues. It matters not, because policy did not factor into their decision to embrace Trump so policy will never factor in to his abandonment. It’s just that simple. They vote personality or, “I just like him.”

But what’s the story with the remaining 70%? I believe three groups comprise the remaining 70% of Trump voters. This first group in this category followed Trump from day one because they rejected the establishment GOPe RINOs and were completely fed up and angry with all Republicans. In many ways Trump represented the 3rd party candidate who remained under the Republican umbrella.

The middle group is also anti GOPe and RINO but opted to support a conservative during the primary but voted Trump in the General Election. These are the Never Hillary group who see her as so unconscionable for America to even consider not voting for her opponent whoever that may be as a travesty. The remaining group are dye in the wool Republicans and don’t care who the candidate is or what they represent. They will vote for R because that is what they do.

There is a fourth group not factored in because they are the hardcore globalists, GOPe, RINOs, and the Never Trump crowd who voted Hillary. There is little to no discernible difference between them and democrats. That’s why this group is so easy to disdain by conservative patriots. They represent the majority of all elected republicans in all offices nationwide.

That 70% group of Trump voters are not equally distributed between the three groups but and I don’t want to in this article get into any meaningful analysis on that just yet. That’s for the mid-terms and the next General Election. Needs to be mentioned due to seeing where the cracks are forming in the MAGA block.

Was Trump going globalism Betrayal or Subterfuge? Was this a recent revelation or the plan all along? The telling will be emerging very soon if the Senate passes the House bill to audit the Fed. With RINO Mitch McConnell as majority Leader the odds are it will die in the Senate. Other issues are brewing and early indicators are it’s not looking good for the nationalist team. He’s wearing the globalist uniform for the last several weeks so that stands for something, right?

His critical thinking staunch supporters tell us President Trump is laying a trap for the Globalists. If that were so, why then did he grant them so many victories especially with Syria which is bringing us to the brink of WW3 with Russia. He lost a lot of supporters by going globalist and launching a Tomahawk missile bombardment in Syria.

The Syrian intel was faulty thanks to the appointment of globalist Lt. Gen. HR McMaster, National Security Adviser who replaced Michael Flynn, a staunch nationalist. Flynn’s removal was planned even before his announcement for the entire team was being spied on for moments like this. President Trump turned military control over to his globalist General James Mattis, Secretary of Defense. They are packing the national Security Council with globalists and targeting the removal of men like Steve Bannon and his nationalist allies out the door. This is not winning or setting traps. Take a good look at the Trump Cabinet picks.

He’s brought in economic globalists along with military globalists. President Trump did as he said he would do … hand the logistics  and tactics of war to his Generals. This is not the problem. Determining who, what and where the conflicts will be is a great problem. This in no way vindicates Trump for he has appointed the globalist Neo-Cons to control the advisory decision-making.

The missile attack on Syria was his first major mistake with dire consequences. Of course his “approval” numbers scored high because most of the world and American media and government are in the globalist tank; they are captive to the globalist regime. Trump was elected to oppose globalism and undo that regime.

For those of us seeking a restoration of Constitutional governance in America we MUST have Congressional Approval before a President may engage in hostile military acts against another sovereign nation. Is that being done? NO, it is not but it must.

Was there approval for the assault in Afghanistan? Though some say the old approval from years ago is still valid, I’m not certain it is. I know there was none for Syria and what about North Korea? President Trump needs to come before Congress for authorization to use military force against these or any sovereign nations and it needs to be done immediately. Our first Islamic Emperor Obama did not go well. Do any of us want or need a second emperor?

A similar globalist scenario exists on the economic front as well. President Trump campaigned and continued to speak on his ‘America First’ promise and this means a rejection and assault upon the globalist dominated economics, monetary, currency and debt policies that embrace the globalist and totalitarian Keynesian economic theory. This theory is embraced by the Federal Reserve System that controls our economic and currency decisions.

Keynesian economics is a theory developed by John Maynard Keynes, a globalist, totalitarian central banker who helped found that hideous ‘Creature from Jekyll Island’ known as the Federal Reserve System. That fact alone should be reason enough the end the Fed. It is contrary to our Constitution and most all the writings of our founders.

Keynesian economics advocates for the public sector to step in to assist the economy generally, which is a significant departure from popular economic thought that preceded it … laissez-faire capitalism. Laissez-faire capitalism supported the exclusion of the public sector in the market. The belief was that an unfettered market would achieve balance on its own.

Keynesian economics warns against the practice of ‘too much saving’ and not enough consumption, or spending, in an economy. It also supports considerable redistribution of wealth, the thing of Marxism and Communism. It’s based on the concept that government intervention in the economy can achieve optimal economic performance through activist intervention policies and eliminate economic slumps.

You don’t need to be an economist to see how that has worked for us. This theory is a failure, has never achieved optimal performance or the elimination of slumps. The theory is ill-conceived but yet it remains the dominant economic theory driving the American economy by the Fed. It is embraced internationally by all the globalist central banks for they are the only ones who truly benefit. The Fed policies drove America into the Great Depression and Keynesian Economics came into being specifically to avoid troughs and slumps by analyzing the Great Depression.

Donald Trump was a staunch critic of the Fed and Keynesian Economics via policy statements made rather that direct frontal attacks by name. Those in the know knew exactly what he was saying and gladly embraced his economic plans. Something major happened fairly recently for such a dramatic departure by President Trump. Some speculate it is due to the republican betrayal of failing to repeal obamacare and replace it with a free-market solution. End speculation and let us know exactly what is going on!

In case you haven’t made the connection yet, the LameStream Media, the globalist democrats, GOPe , central bankers and the cabal are staunch advocates to sustain the Fed and Keynesian policies. The huge federal debt and failing monetary system are good things according to the Federal Reserve as is the exponential growth in federal debt, reckless government spending and endless regulations. Will the nationalist Donald Trump we all love and voted for please come back? We need you now more than ever and so does the free world who is rising up against globalism. You must put down that impostor impersonating our nationalist leader in the Oval Office.


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