Time to Put Down ANTIFA and The Lawless Left

Time to Put Down ANTIFA and The Lawless Left
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Enough is enough. We’ve been dancing with the mentally ill gang called ANTIFA for too long and these far-let cities and states supporting their violence must come to an end. Charges need to be filed against all politicians at all levels of government funding them, turning a blind eye and giving the police stand-down orders.

Failure for government to exercise its constitutional duties to protect its citizens must have severe consequences. Continued acts of sanctioned violence will bring about an uprising from the American patriots to stand in the gap created by a lawless government.

Berkeley, CA; Chicago, IL and Dearborn, MI must be the first three cities to feel the weight of law coming down hard on their lawless cities. The politicians must face criminal charges in their reckless disregard for American law and justice. ANTIFA is not new and they have been violently disrupting free speech events since the beginning of the Obama regime of terror.


antifa - communismANTIFA is the acronym for anti-fascism and it’s ironic for they are clearly fascist in everything they do. To disguise this they have redefined fascism. It has been said that the introduction of fascism into American society will come by those professing anti-fascism. ANTIFA epitomizes this truth.

ANTIFA is anti-capitalism; anti-personal freedom unless of course you wholly stand with them. They are totalitarian and embrace all its forms from socialism, communism, fascism, and globalism. They hate capitalism for this is the greatest system devised by man that grants the individual the opportunity to accumulate wealth apart from government conquest.

True capitalism is laissez faire capitalism which is an economic doctrine that opposes government interference, intervention and regulation beyond what is minimally necessary to operate a fair and free enterprise system. What exists today is crony capitalism which is government intervention in preferred big businesses under heavily regulated commerce that discriminated against small business and provides bail-outs and bail-ins to selected companies considered too big to fail.

The antifa is a well-funded group of anarchist and totalitarian criminals and thugs who will to commit violence, destroy property and disrupt free speech activities by anyone whose ideas differ from their own feeble minded beliefs. Once the thugs become unmasked we’ll see they are comprised of hardened criminals and the mentally ill. The Metapedia Alternative Encyclopedia defines it best:

ANTIFA: (edited by NHN) Antifa (from anti-fascism) is a term commonly used to describe often criminal and violent groups which attack organizations and individuals claimed by them to be “fascist” or “racist”. Many openly admit that the goal is to deny their opponents freedom of expression and organization by using intimidation and violence. Disagreement with antifa is enough to be labeled by any or all their epitaphs.

Their targets may not even be race realists or nationalists but simply be critical of the mass immigration or have other less politically correct views. They only attack Whites, never non-Whites, even non-Whites supporting non-White nationalism. Groups such as Muslims wanting to implement sharia laws are ignored. There are numerous examples of antifa by mistake criminally attacking wrong targets.

Several groups refer to themselves as “Anti-Fascist Action” in the respective language of the countries they operate in with “Action” referring to the euphemism “direct action”. Antifa groups often claim to be social anarchist or Trotskyist. The social anarchist variants are usually loosely organized networks of largely independent Saul Alinsky type groups.

More covert motivations may include thrill-seeking from committing crimes and non-Whites supporting their own perceived group interests by trying to prevent Whites from supporting White interests. Jewish antifa activists opposing White identity see their activism as an affirmation of and celebrating Jewish identity — both religious and secular.

Antifa criminal activities are very often misrepresented by and covered-up by politically correct mainstream mass media which often ignore that the groups often even openly (but anonymously) state their criminal intentions and brag about committed crimes.

There are often associations with other forms of far-left criminality such as criminal pro-illegal immigration activism, criminal animal rights activism, criminal environmental activism, criminal squatting activism, criminal pro-abortion activism, and other variants (similarly often misrepresented and covered-up by the mainstream media).

Another association is with various “anti-racist” surveillance organizations/papers where criminal antifa activists may work; gain surveillance information needed for crimes, and/or receive other forms of support. Non-White participants may have associations with organizations supporting the interests of non-Whites which ironically would be labelled as “White Supremacist” if it were doing the exact same thing for pro-white organizations.

The hypocrisy is obvious under the thinly veiled cloak of anti-fascism. Fascism is a form of radical authoritarianism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and control of industry and commerce. Now we see why they hate true laissez faire capitalism and free speech on college campuses. The far-left cannot risk fresh new ideas into impressionable minds.

antifa love trumps hateHow is it that antifa is not classified a terrorist organization? They exist domestically and internationally and bring violence and mayhem to all western societies with a predominant white population. That sounds like racism does it not? See the pattern yet?

The fascist refer to themselves as the antifascist yet their tactics are fascism are they not?  Antifa are racists who refer to themselves as anti-racist. They are violent but use the slogan love trumps hate? Antifa is a a schizophrenic organization for they attract the mentally ill. They wear masks because many of them are male and female college professors, law enforcement, ex-military leftists who fear exposure for their violent riotous acts.

Berkeley, CA

Berkeley, CA Mayor Jesse Arreguin; state officials with oversight down to School Chancellor Nicholas Dirks needs to be held accountable regardless of his tenure ending July, 2017 when he yields to incoming Chancellor Carol T. Christ. Are these the ones who issued the stand-down orders to city and campus police to grant antifa free reign terror and destruction?

antifa Berkeley RiotsThere are many bad actors to go around concerning the obscene violence funding the student mobs, ANTIFA and other far-left violent groups. Accountability and the left are antithetical but long overdue for a reality check. Time the left becomes acquainted with the rule of law.

What do we do with mayors like far-left extremist Jesse Arreguin who has ties with these violent individuals, groups and organization funding the violence to deprive America of our precious Bill of Rights. I find this quite ironic considering the history of UC Berkeley.

Berkeley gained a reputation for student activism in the 1960s with the Free Speech Movement of 1964 and opposition to the Vietnam War. Their free speech stance back then was for the stealth advocacy of communism and its advancement into public consciousness.

Communist ideology was covert in that it embraced social issues and ant-war protests, often violent protests as a disguise for the far-left ideology that was greatly resisted by mainstream America. Ronald Reagan, then governor of California is quoted that Berkeley is, “a haven for communist sympathizers, protesters, and sex deviants.” The moral decline of America shifted into overdrive in the 1960s.

Today the communist ideology has cemented itself into Berkeley and most Universities around the nation as far-left indoctrination centers rather than institutions of higher learning. It appears that teaching critical thinking skills is a big casualty of the fascist communists now teaching in our schools, colleges and universities. The “anti-free speech” and “anti-rights” protected under the US Constitution is targeted for extinction.

The 60 year indoctrination into far-left extremism has manifest and now those constitutionally protected individual rights and liberties that birthed the movement are a threat to globalism, the new totalitarianism of the 21st Century.

California itself is governed by leftist ideology from the Governor’s Mansion occupied by extremist Jerry Brown down to local communities. Totalitarianism has bankrupted California for they bite and demonize the hands that feed them causing those working hands to flee California for less totalitarian states. The successful individuals and small businesses are leaving in droves for they are rebelling against being the ATM for failed government far-left policies.

ANTIFA and other extremist far-left groups that embrace violence are the hallmark of tyrannical California. Only through force do totalitarian regimes succeed. The average citizen does not seem to want to resist tyranny until too late.

Chicago, IL

Obama crony Rohm Emanuel left his White House job as Chief of Staff to become Mayor of Chicago. Since assuming office he and his administration became plagued by scandals as was the White House during his tenure as Chief of Staff. The democrats in general of the last decade have become what may be considered an organized crime syndicate for they are entrenched in corruption and scandal from top to bottom.

Even staunch democrat operatives have begun to reject far-left Emanuel for his gross mismanagement of Chicago. Though blame is focused upon police corruption; that has more to do with Emanuel’s disdain for the police as evidenced by his prior boss Barack Hussein Obama contempt for law and law enforcement. Obama and Emanuel share the same extreme radical left ideologies which includes contempt for law enforcement.

The plight of the Chicago police department have plenty to do with the far-left policies and personnel decisions than it does racism, the favorite ‘whipping boy’ of the leftist democrats and media. Who really believes Emanuel’s contempt for law enforcement has nothing to do with its demise and the city under the Rahm regime?

Chicago has one of the most strict gun control laws in the nation yet Chicago is the crime capital of the USA. The 2016 shooting and murders are mind-boggling with 762 murders and 4,331 shootings, more than a 25% increase over 2015. Rahm Emanuel blames the up-tic on the police and the need for even stricter gun control.

“We have allowed our Police Department to get fetal, and it is having a direct consequence. They have pulled back from the ability to interdict … they don’t want to be a news story themselves, they don’t want their career ended early, and it’s having an impact,” Emanuel said, according to the Washington Post.

It would certainly have nothing to do the policy changes and far-left control and actions of throwing officers under the bus. Nah, couldn’t be anything Rahm does for he is God’s gift to the political world. Seems like a severe pattern of delusion is setting in with far-left democrats’ inability to be accountable for their actions or inactions, right Hillary?

It would have nothing to do with turning Chicago into a haven for criminals by implementing sanctuary city policies; or increasing the radical Islam population; or having CAIR involved with administering ‘sensitivity training’ to the Chicago police; or ANTIFA running roughshod in Chicago every day.

Neither these nor the hundreds of other extreme far-left management decisions devouring all cites run by democrat extremists have anything to do with the deterioration of America. Laws are being broke and corruption hits an all-time high to make even Al Capone blush and chuckle with glee.

Dearborn, MI

Dearborn is now a city seized by the radical Islamic terrorists and is a no-go zone for the violent jihadi and global conquest descending upon America shortly. The antifa-islam connection is no longer stealth for all the radical and violent leftist groups are converging in preparation for the impending violent coup d’état against America.

Dearborn, MI has in excess of 100,000 reported Islamic Muslims representing 48% if the population. If you’re wondering why the globalist left is seeking open borders one need look no further than Dearborn, MI. Yes, the fake news media spews propaganda that Dearborn is the model of peaceful assimilation and Google suppresses negative internet search articles on the truth of Islamic violence and oppression in Dearborn and the more than 5,000 enclaves scattered throughout the US.

On a side note I needed to obtain the Tor browser and secure internet protection in order to obtain honest search results not skewered by the Google and Yahoo algorithms. The Tor browser is wrongly accused of evil purposes because of its stealth operation.  I find it essential in order to search the 96% of the internet, often called the Dark Web because its content is ‘blacked-out’ from standard search engine results.

Google SpyingThis is wholly unacceptable to me doing standard searches on information when preparing an article. This should also be unacceptable to most of you also for ‘big-brother’ is telling us what we can and cannot read or see. All the information we need is on the internet; Just not all the information is accessible without additional tools.

The good news, if there really is any, is one may obtain these tools for free. Most are open source so we can determine for ourselves which information we can and should rely upon without the government collecting and its agents like Google, YouTube and Fakebook censoring and suppressing.

There will be future articles on this and how to minimize the prying eyes of the NSA, CIA and FBI from collecting your browsing, keystrokes, search histories and email content into their database. Government has all information gathered and stored in their database should an historical search of your IP address ever become necessary for an investigation. We no longer reside in a free America!

islam-antifaIslam and antifa are totalitarian bothers and unfortunately not the enemies of America at least from our tyrannical government’s perspective. The Constitution has become an inconvenience and barrier to the government and we let them become too big, too powerful and too intrusive. The fault is ours.

Patriot remnants exist in government but their numbers are dwindling by the minute. All these leftist groups and organizations exist to bring about the total collapse of freedom in America. The Bill of Rights and the restrictions of the Constitution’s limits to the powers of government have been effectively shredded, so the end game for its elimination entirely is underway.

The loss of Dearborn to radical Islam is the result of the undermining of the American way of life by all three branches of the federal and state governments and local municipalities by the far-left democrats and establishment republicans wanting to transform America into globalism. The terror goes well beyond Dearborn. We highlight Dearborn because it is one of the first and most developed in the USA.

What do we do? Enforce the Law! Chaos ensues when government itself is lawless! When government is the catalyst for the fundamental transformation into a fascist totalitarian state! When government alone is the tyrant and usurper of all rights and privileges because government has become the false god of the lawless spiritless masses. If we just enforce the law it will not be too late to turn this around.

This may be our last chance. God Save America!


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